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5 questions and 5 answers for buying smart door locks

by:FUYU lock     2021-08-26
As the era of intelligence gets closer and closer to us, the demand for home intelligence is getting stronger and stronger. As an important part of the smart home, the development of smart door locks is becoming more and more popular and has attracted many people's attention. But when it comes to buying, it makes people very entangled. Do you want to buy? What to buy? How to buy it? Let us see together, how to buy smart door locks? 1. Do you want to buy a smart door lock (fingerprint lock)? Want to miss the era of intelligence? Are you still a caveman? Now we have entered the age of intelligence. To keep up with the pace of the times, we must first start with the door lock. It is not only the guardian of the house, but also a caring butler. You don’t have to worry about the key being matched by others. Worried about being opened by a stranger, stretch out your finger, beep~! With a sound, the door opened. This is the first step in the envisioned era of intelligence. Can't miss it again! 2. Is the fingerprint lock really convenient? There is no need to answer this question. The fingerprint lock is made for convenience. You no longer have to worry about returning home without the key, let alone worrying about the old people losing the keys, friends coming in and not being able to get in, and so many keys being unrecognizable. Buy the fingerprint lock that suits you best, and go there with confidence, everything is under the control of the 'lock'. This is inconvenient, so what is convenient? 3. Is the fingerprint lock safe? Please, this is an evolved version of a mechanical lock. Is it still called a smart door lock if it is not safe? He is not only safe, but also upgraded security. Not only the anti-technology is turned on, but the violent means he will also take the initiative to call the police, send messages to scare away the caring people, if you go further, linking with the cat’s eye, you can also take pictures of the caring people and send them to us. Isn't such a lock safer? 4. Is the fingerprint lock expensive? Family safety is priceless, simple and happy life is priceless, and the pace of the intelligent age is priceless, and the main bearer of these is the fingerprint lock. Priceless things are protected and promoted by valuable fingerprint locks. Will they still feel expensive? A pack of cigarettes is a waste of life for more than ten dollars a day. It takes 20 years to smoke. A fingerprint lock only costs a few dollars a day. This is a safe, intelligent and convenient spokesperson. I believe you won't feel expensive anymore! 5. I want to buy, but how do I buy it? Dear, what era is it now, the era of product explosion, fingerprint locks have been developed for more than ten years, where are they not sold? Now there are specialty stores of brand fingerprint locks in the first, second and third tier cities across the country, and the big brands have a national layout. Where can they not be bought? Even if not, there are some cats (Tmall) and dogs (Jingdong). As long as you place an order, they must be installed within a week, and they are well installed, which is very convenient.
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