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A body or lock, fission lock indoor door lock manufacturers

by:FUYU lock     2020-09-03
Often a friend asked me, choose one lock or fission lock at home? For this problem, I believe that is a lot of friends in the heart of doubt, some people pay attention to quality, some fancy appearance, worried about the wrong choice affects the use of behind. For this ask me, we found the indoor door lock factory workers, to see how he said.     Before we said this problem, we should make it clear that what one lock, fission lock. Methods many simple, actually the two locks are holding a hand lock, if the handle and the lid lock together are called an organic whole, and is called a fission lock.     Fission lock and one bedroom lock which good?     Appearance: for indoor use lock, more focus on the decorative to the requirement of door lock, from the perspective on the style at present, many families like to contemporary and contracted style, fission lock modelling is simple, and easy. So, in terms of appearance, fission lock is more popular.     Service life: in fact whether one lock or fission materials are similar with the lock, common are: space aluminum and zinc alloy, stainless steel, pure copper, single from the point of material, the difference is not big. From the point of contact area, which locks and panel is directly fixed together, fission lock is fixed, therefore, a more solid lock.     Bedroom choice fission lock or a lock, in general, need to look at individual be fond of, if the character is traditional, suggest choose one lock; If you like contact new things, and for the modelling of door lock appearance have very high demand, so the lock is more suitable for fission.
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