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A - lock general how many money Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-01-03
Jingzhou Li Laoban engaged in wooden door factory business for many years, with the lock on the door also has a stable supply channels, but recently added a little accident, want to change the supplier. On the Internet to find general how much is a room door lock, think through comparing prices, see which is more suitable to the original factory, to save their own costs. Get a big push quotation from online, some price is high, some low can't imagine. Still don't know probably how many money, found the small make up, see below small make up is how to explain it.     Lock general how many money a, this is, indeed, no fixed reference range, every room door lock manufacturers ex-factory price, the price is manufacturer with your own custom according to the condition of expenditure and revenue and intermediate agent or hardware store goods, sales to the customer, the process and improve the price a little, the price have change again. Except the middle agent price, how much influence the door a: lock used material, lock body specification size, use what process and so on. If take from manufacturers of goods, some manufacturer will add freight, these will lead to price differences.     Lock general how many money a, channels there is a lot to do with the choice, but if find rich yu hardware quotation is very simple, first customers browse the website, find your favorite style, style. 0 yuan and then tell the model to online customer service, customer service, online offer, how much money a a look will know that didn't bring any cost to the customer.
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