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According to the production process of lock, the-FUYU-img

According to the production process of lock, the

by:FUYU     2020-02-23
1. According to the material: a brass can be made into AC AB Pb BN ball lock, in which AC AB BN is electroplated with closed paint and BP is electroplated with closed polishing. B stainless steel can be made into SS PS ball lock, in which SS, sandpaper sanding, PS linen wheel polishing closed. C. red copper sb cloth and hemp wheel are polished and closed. D log beech; log beech closed. (the material selected for the production of locks: brass, copper, stainless steel, beech, log, marble, iron sheet, inner steel, zinc alloy, aluminum) 2. Production process: raw material cutting, tilting press, stamping with various molds, trimming and trimming, sanding, polishing, electroplating, sealing, assembly, inspection and packaging. 3 assembly process: parts and installation process of ball lock: front ball → lock cylinder → front pass → ball cover → support frame (including flange sliding plate support frame decorative sleeve) → front cover → switch simple → slide block → spring → baffle plate → rear pass safety plug → inner sleeve → rear baffle plate → rear baffle plate → rear baffle plate → rear ball. 4. Finish Code: SS stainless steel sanding, SP stainless steel polishing, Sn stainless steel cleaning, SBV copper sanding, PBV copper polishing, Sb brass sanding, Pb yellow polishing, BP iron plating imitation gold
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