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Achievement of high quality life from behind the scenes to the front of the villa hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-08-01

Modern society, people to be resided to the home more and more high quality requirements, no longer meet the basic function of the household articles for use. Such as air conditioning, refrigeration, need not only need quiet and energy saving; Such as not only to meet the lighting lamps and lanterns again, notice the ambience and eyesight protection. And in the field of household hardware, as household environment need to be behind the hero, less hardware is also gradually from behind the scenes to the front, from the general functional become pay more attention to decorative and healthy environmental protection, even through the use of accessories, reveal master aesthetic taste and spiritual pursuit. In the future, for brand manufacturers products, consumers don't have to worry about the quality problem. And big brands, more interested in is how to help users improve household life experience, let the user feel more comfortable and comfortable, that is to say, spiritual experience will be bigger than the function demands. 2 - believe that the future 3 years, this trend will be more obvious. Engaged in the study of household hardware lo chun kit for many years researchers told reporters. In a luxury villa, the reporter keep come to Lou, a researcher at home. Starting from the first hardware that take the door locks, to the sitting room dining-room copper droplight, tea table of the plate, as well as the locker room and bathroom cupboard door shake handshandle of towel lever, eyes and is a full set of Fuyu 'Medici' series of hardware products. Gold-plated copper, texture delicate, design style is unified. 'In this way can we guarantee the overall decoration effect. 'Researchers told reporters,' pass the decoration, the understanding of the traditional hardware should be changed, always think before hardware just some small parts, now has all cannot leave the party, and make the finishing point, it is these things 'villa decorates also can satisfy the application for a long time. Researchers said, in addition to the integrity and culture art adornment effect, hardware supplies durability are also important considerations, when have faded or deformation happened you will spoil the overall effect of the villa decorates. To this end, the reporter interviewed the villa hardware famous brand designer QuWanWen Fuyu Marketing Department. 'On the issue of the fading, is indeed a household hardware should focus on the important aspects. To solve this problem, mainly in the electroplating process, basic indicators is salt spray test time, Fuyu has its own electroplating workshop, plating salt spray test time can be up to 500 hours, far supranational standard for 24 hours, normal use of the basic problems don't fade. And through 1000 tons after forging products, remarkable increase of hardness and density and deformation doesn't happen, 'flexor designer said. In addition, the Fuyu designers also told reporters that at present the industry production technology mature and stable products in the quality of basic is not a problem. On the contrary, we pay more attention to the product brings to the user experience and appreciation. We based on the research of the material, for example, found that copper can kill 99% within 24 hours left on the surface of bacteria, is very helpful to human body health. And because the copper has good ductility, easy to make all sorts of complex shape and elegant design, more popular with the high-end users. In terms of healthy environmental protection, stainless steel is obviously better than the copper and zinc alloy, make things more has the artistic temperament, so we decided to only do copper products. Place oneself among them, the achievements of Fuyu professional villa hardware experience high-quality household environment, we can feel the direction of life in today's mainstream high-end living, to today's copper household can growing also.
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