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Although the intelligent door lock is becoming more and more popular, it still faces four dead spots behind it

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-28
The arrival of the era of smart home brings a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Chinese enterprises to compete with imported smart lock brands that are powerful in science and technology. However, in the past year, some problems in the whole industry have also emerged, especially some traditional intelligent door lock enterprises, which regard themselves as the top ten intelligent lock brands and ignore the characteristics of the market and the needs of users, ignoring the essence of products and markets is very dangerous to the healthy development of the industry. At present, the fatal problems in the intelligent door lock industry mainly focus on three aspects: replacing safety with intelligence, replacing stability with functions, and replacing user experience with top ten brand image marketing. These three problems may soon become the death of the smart lock brand. 1. There are only two purposes to replace safety intelligence with intelligence: first, it is safer and more reliable; Second, it is more convenient. However, many intelligent door lock enterprises are making a big fuss about intelligence, and the loopholes in security are worrying. Intelligent security directly restricts the healthy development of this industry. If there is a safety problem in one hundred enterprises, the whole industry will be affected. In the same case, the whole brand will have an accident. It is understood that the smart lock products that claim to be the top ten brands in the market at present are very insufficient in terms of safety design of mechanical structure or development investment in encryption and decryption of electronic information and authentication technology, if this problem is not corrected in time, China's smart lock industry will once again be a backward industry with low price, low quality and no trust. 2. Replace stability with functions. Now there are many functions of intelligent brands in the market, and there are many unlocking patterns. There are all kinds of unlocking methods, what Iris, facial mask, fingerprint, secret, induction unlock what to have, although the way to unlock in the future can be as powerful as you like, but there is a major premise that stability must be done well. At present, there is no lack of powerful products on the market, but there are very few products with good stability. 3. Replacing user experience with big marketing, emphasizing marketing and neglecting user experience is a serious problem for the current smart door lock brand. A brand that ignores user experience is difficult to be recognized by users. At present, the biggest problem in the smart lock industry is that it would rather spend a lot of money to buy the false rankings of the top ten brands, but it is not willing to spend money to do the user experience. Everyone feels the same way: one on Baidu's self-contradictory top ten smart lock brands are countless, I can't remember, but there are very few good brands that users are satisfied. This is a worrying unhealthy market. 4, the transition of universal propaganda consumes the industry's credit intelligence, the damage of universal propaganda is more terrible, everything can be docked, what functions have, what can be done behind the propaganda, how is it so bad. The sense of patchwork used makes the user's trust in the industry disappear. Of course, the whole industry pays the bill.
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