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Anti-theft door lock selection method

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-12
Anti-theft door lock is the key to the door of guard against theft, it basically ignore the quality of the anti-theft locks, leads to some security doors do not guard against theft phenomenon appears. All of us in choosing anti-theft locks, what method do you usually have? Anti-theft door lock picking method is as follows: 1, when buy, advised to choose a quality assured brand, they have relatively perfect after-sales service points in all, free door-to-door service during warranty, also should pay attention to choose and buy and door open in the direction of locks, same as the hand lock handle left and right. 2, of course, a few small parts quality also cannot be ignored, for example, hinges, strength must be enough, so as to avoid the door falling in use after a period of time, or affect the smooth degree of locks, door thick suggest alternative to 5 - 50 mm share ball lock, 35 - 55 mm insert, 42 mm core locks, 35 - 55 dead bolt lock. All of us in choosing anti-theft locks, anti-theft lock we generally should be in accordance with the above selected method to operate, choose to our satisfactory products is right we need.
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