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Changing lock core

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-03
The lock cylinder is the heart of the lock. Now many users have realized the necessity of changing the lock cylinder. But because I don't know about the lock cylinder, I can't start. How do I change the lock cylinder myself? A lot of people are complaining that they can't buy the core of our home lock. They have run a lot of markets but can't buy the core of our home lock! Which method is more cost-effective and more secure? Unlocking will let you know that it is easy to change the lock cylinder. Before changing the lock cylinder, please prepare 1 to 2 screwdrivers (one for the word and one for the cross). First: remove the panel. In the door lock panel, several lock screws are removed. Note: when taking the last screw, do not let it fall on the ground to avoid damage. Next: remove the lock cylinder. There is a screw in the middle of the baffle of the door side lock body. Take out the lock cylinder between the lock tongue (square tongue), and then take out the lock cylinder. At this time, you will know what your lock cylinder looks like! Then you can measure the length and thickness of the lock cylinder. When you go to the market to buy the lock cylinder, you will know what kind of lock cylinder to buy
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