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'Changsha lock King' invented anti-theft lock reward 100 thousand sign unlock master

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-16
2011-07- 05 Source: Huasheng online Browse: 232 comments: 0 Core tip: he is a laid-off worker, which lasted for 13 years and invented the car anti-theft lock that claimed to be the most 'cow' in the world. On July 3, in the front of a supermarket in Yuhua district, Changsha city, Xie Jun, who is known as the 'Changsha lock King', placed a reward notice and claimed that he would spend 100 thousand yuan to collect locks from the whole country. On July 3, Xie Jun showed his invention of the car anti-theft lock for 5 minutes to open his lock. The car worth 100 thousand should be driven away at ten o'clock A. M. on the 3rd. Xie Jun, a small Changsha citizen, was dressed in a piece printed with Changsha lock King, the white cultural shirt with the words 'Dugu Qiu' appeared in front of a supermarket in Yuhua district. The text on the background board behind it is eye-catching: 100 thousand yuan to collect the unlocking master, who wants a beautiful car, have the ability to drive away. Within 5 minutes, whoever can open my lock, the new car of 100 thousand yuan will ask him to drive away immediately. Pointing to a car next to which the car anti-theft lock he invented was installed, Xie Jun said confidently that the combination lock he invented could control the circuit and oil circuit of the car at the same time, it can also be said to be the first in the world. Xie Jun said that as long as the owner installs the password lock on the car, when the thief steals the car lock, the five-digit password is only one wrong, and the circuit and oil circuit of the car will not work, the car will never start, and the corresponding engine will not work properly. Even if the thief can connect the circuit, the oil circuit will not work, and the car will not move. The reporter saw at the scene that the anti-theft lock invented by Xie Jun was like a small soap, and the main material was stainless steel. After setting the password, you can install it in front of the car according to your needs. It can also be covered with a perfume box, which is beautiful and generous. « Previous Page 1 2. . . 3 Next page» Label: Car anti-theft lock unlocking master Changsha lock King
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