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'China lock industry encyclopedia' first speech

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-16
2011-09- 22 Source: Hyundai lock industry website Browse: 502 comment: 0 Core tip: 'China lock industry encyclopedia' held a grand launching ceremony at the China International Hardware exhibition, which opened at Shanghai New International Expo Center at ten o'clock A. M. on September 21! At the same time, the 2011 China lock top ten new brand launch event was also held. Welcome to the modern lock industry Network booth to witness and receive the latest magazines and books! Good morning, ladies and gentlemen: Thank you for coming to the booth of Hyundai lock industry network to witness the national launch of 'China lock industry encyclopedia' and the release of China lock excellent brands in 2011. As the only industry portal website focusing on serving Chinese lock manufacturers in China, Hyundai lock industry network has been adhering to the business philosophy of sharing information and resources and growing and developing together since its establishment in 2006, it is being recognized by more industry manufacturers and users. In order to further strengthen the influence of the industry and lead the development of the industry, we continue to bring forth the new through the old and launch and undertake a series of important activities. We are becoming the first professional media brand of locks in China. Today, I am honored to stand here and recommend the book 'China lockset industry encyclopedia' to industry friends, this is an industry procurement reference book newly edited and published by Hyundai lock industry network on the basis of the 2008 list of Chinese lock manufacturers. The 'Daquan' focuses on locking the lock dealers in major cities across the country. This Daquan has been completely upgraded on the basis of the previous version, and changed to full-color printing and exquisite binding to inherit locks and brand information; This edition contains popular products and pictures of hundreds of excellent Lock brands. It is also a huge project. This effort is obvious to all. We thank all the staff who have worked hard for this! This issue of Daquan is scheduled to be launched at the 2011 China International Hardware exhibition, and its significance is even more different; We have expanded and enriched the distribution channels and effectiveness of daquan. We regard the distribution of Shanghai exhibition as an important way of distribution and influence the most influential manufacturers and decision makers in this industry through this exhibition; 'Daquan' will also promote and deliver lock dealers in key cities across the country; Through the website for national netizens to download and read; And in the next year, participate in industry-related exhibitions to carry out a complete collection of delivery and promotion activities; Let more channel merchants use the convenience and practicality of daquan. In addition, today we are here to release the 2011 excellent lock brand. This important activity is based on the selection in 2010. This year's focus is on the selection and shaping of new brands. With the help of professional network resources, using the spreading power and influence of the Internet, and through the participation of all netizens and dealers, this activity aims at recommending excellent brands in the national lockset industry, improve the overall image of enterprises in the lockset industry, promote the lockset industry enterprises to continuously improve product quality and service quality, and promote the sustained and healthy development of China's lockset industry. At the same time, the top ten new brands of Chinese locks are also an important award that the Chinese lockset industry is proud of, and it has become an important honor for brand building and publicity. Although there is progress every year, it is far from our ideal. We put high hopes and improvements for the modern lock industry network on the next important activity. We believe that, continuous efforts are a constant commitment. Thank you again! Label: lockset Daquan first new brand excellent
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