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'China lock industry encyclopedia' was held in the first round of the country

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-16
2011-09- 28 Source: Hyundai lock industry website Browse: 286 comment: 0 Core tip: 'China lock industry encyclopedia' held a grand launching ceremony at the China International Hardware exhibition, which opened at Shanghai New International Expo Center at ten o'clock A. M. on September 21, 2011! At the same time, the 2011 China lockset top ten new brand launch event was held. Chinese lockset experts, nearly 100 brand executives and mainstream media elites gathered together to witness this exciting moment. At the unveiling meeting of 'China lockset industry Encyclopedia', Mr. Xue Junxian, general manager of Hyundai lockset network, made the first speech. In his speech, he said that 'China lockset industry encyclopedia' was praised as an industry Treasure Book by insiders, it is an industry procurement reference book newly edited and published by Hyundai lock industry network on the basis of the 2008 list of Chinese lock manufacturers. The 'Daquan' focuses on locking the lock dealers in major cities across the country. This Daquan has been completely upgraded on the basis of the previous version, and changed to full-color printing and exquisite binding to inherit locks and brand information; This edition contains popular products and pictures of hundreds of excellent Lock brands, which is also a huge project. This effort is obvious to all; It is the annual masterpiece of the modern lock industry network. This issue of Daquan is scheduled to be launched at the 2011 China International Hardware exhibition, and its significance is even more different; We have expanded and enriched the distribution channels and effectiveness of daquan. We regard the distribution of Shanghai exhibition as an important way of distribution and influence the most influential manufacturers and decision makers in this industry through this exhibition; 'Daquan' will also promote and deliver lock dealers in key cities across the country; Through the website for national netizens to download and read; And in the next year, participate in industry-related exhibitions to carry out a complete collection of delivery and promotion activities; Let more channel merchants use the convenience and practicality of daquan. At the same time, President Xue also pointed out that the modern lock industry network aims to better play the role of Internet e-commerce in the home appliance industry and actively promote the popularization of network marketing in the lock industry. On the road ahead, hyundai lock network will continue to do its best to provide the most professional and up-to-date information to manufacturers and dealers in the industry. After the speech, the guests and the media gave warm applause. After Xue Jian, general manager of Hyundai lock network, introduced the Daquan, Mr. Yang Lin of Hyundai lock network also launched another important theme of the conference: Hyundai lock network China line activities ( The full name is the national tour to read the 'China lockset industry encyclopedia' activity) He pointed out that after learning about the current situation of information asymmetry between enterprises and agents, the modern lock industry network has taken into account the necessity of information communication in the lock industry ,'China line' The event will take the 'Daquan' to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Yiwu, Shenzhen, Chongqing and other important cities, and Mr. Yang Lin also pointed out that the Chinese Guild will go as far as possible into the second and third cities. China bank is not only the dream of building a brand for the company, but also the expectation of hundreds of companies to go to the country. Hyundai lock industry network has formed its unique core competitiveness through its hard work and accumulation in China's lock industry for nearly ten years, and has taken another solid step towards the goal of China's lock industry portal. At this point, the launching ceremony of the modern lock industry network 'Daquan' was successfully concluded. Label: lockset starts
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