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China's lock industry status quo

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-09
China has become the world's largest producer and consumer of the locks. Map locks industry at present, the annual sales reached 40 billion yuan of above, production capacity of more than 2 billion sets, exports more than 10 billion yuan. Locks in China in the future market will still rising at an annual rate of more than 20%. Currently, map locks lock market to produce medium in the products. Because the lock industry belongs to the labor-intensive industry, into the threshold low, specialized level is not high, high-end products is very few. Tribes of low-end products already heated competition, because rising raw material prices, labor capital increase, and more and more new technologies and products competition, let the day of the locks enterprises more and more sad. Really, lock industry competition has kicked off a new round of technology, high technical content of the high-end products in the future development trend is obvious. In recent years, with house, car, high-grade office buildings and hotels such as pillar industry, national defense, and the financial system with the rapid development of the growing demand for high defensive lock product. Due to the high-end locks high technology content, raised more humane, personalized features, so the product has a high profit. Add locks product upgrading of speed, high-end locks will gradually become the mainstream of lock market. China has already formed the main four production bases, zhejiang, guangdong, shandong and. Further follow lock market cake hardware locks of small and medium-sized enterprises will face more opportunities and greater competition. Map hongda group, tianyu, etc in recent years, large-scale locks enterprises began to develop high-end smart locks, tribes of high-grade locks have momentum. Locks product development is to follow the market, as long as the market demand, locks enterprises must also want to develop, to occupy the high-end market. Follow the opening to the outside world in our country, the development of high-grade construction accelerated, high-grade locks market development potential is very big, will be the emergence of a large number of high-end enterprise inevitably. The development trend of Chinese locks products: a high accuracy, high efficiency, high fastness, multi-function; Two specifications and varieties; Three dimensions, the seriation, generalization, show its characteristics; Three processes and technical strengthen should: machining, stamping, die casting, surface treatment technology, automatic assembly line and other aspects. Locks produced at present China is still developing countries, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, the low level of redundant construction is very serious. Locks the to development of the enterprise is still the first to grab from product, quality and brand. Play cash + strength of foundation, have a certain amount of capital to better develop some high-end products. Lock industry in China should have a have organized overall goals, can increase year by year not disorderly progress of science and technology, such as product structure, product quality, technology and equipment, set different ability, talent structure, etc. Be short of one cannot. Lock is people living necessities, daily hardware, but it is also a kind of security products, the development of the industry's good or bad, related to every family, unit, the safety of the public. In today's increasingly promoted competition in the international market, Chinese locks if still no set different consciousness, balked, certainly will be eliminated by the international market. Lock enterprises should actively adopt new materials, pay attention to product modeling and decorative art at the same time, using computer electronics, information, biometrics, grafting improve predecessors technologies such as traditional ZhiSuoYe nanomaterials, efforts to develop new products with market prospects, and breakthrough in the use of function of long. Such as housing high-grade door lock series, car series, the series of civil locks, anti-theft lock door lock series, move code remote control series, high-grade electrical and mechanical integration of IC card intelligent lock, TM card lock, lock card lock series, biometric features lock series, the technology, technological innovation can be reform, gradually mature.
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