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Cloud service integrated solution for commercial stores in the IoT era

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-17
With the rapid development of the domestic economy, all kinds of monopoly chain stores have mushroomed and commercial competition has intensified. The business model has gradually changed from a traditional business to a highly active business, and potential problems have emerged, such as the safety of the store's property, the management of the clerk, the thieves and robbers, and the behavior of the sheep. In order to solve such problems, the visual intelligent networked store management system of Freis technology uses the front-end hardware system, the intermediate system management platform, the user end, business operation system for passenger flow statistics, human resource scheduling system for store staff management, and visual intelligent monitoring management system for store safety management. Provide a comprehensive visual and intelligent management solution for store management of commercial chain organizations. According to the actual needs of the store, the smart store management system will be composed of four parts, which are respectively aimed at four unused application directions, to help, improve and solve some problems and deficiencies existing in the store, thus enhancing the market competitiveness of the entire enterprise. The safety of the store-- It mainly solves the safety management of people, money and materials in the daily operation of the store, at the same time, it is convenient for the supervision center of the enterprise to know the safety status, cash register status and personnel working status of each front-end store in real time, and play the role of remote supervision. At the same time, the system supports PC, mobile phone, PAD and other supervision methods to facilitate managers. Business data analysis statistics--Mainly using various intelligent analysis techniques ( Passenger flow analysis, trajectory analysis, face recognition, customer characteristic analysis, etc) Collect all kinds of relevant data, combined with sales data (POS) , To achieve deep-level marketing data analysis, can analyze the problems in the operation, can provide marketing decision-making basis for managers, thus improving sales performance. Store standard management-- Through the intelligent remote control system, the monitoring center of the company's headquarters can remotely control and manage all kinds of equipment, lights, window displays, audio and so on in the store to realize intelligent remote management, ensure that each store can operate in a standardized, orderly and standardized manner. At the same time, through the remote PC control function, it provides enterprise managers with the application function of night data collection, effectively utilizes idle resources at night, Automates Management, reduces the working hours spent on maintaining data during the day, and improves employee efficiency. Visitor Information Management-- Using face recognition technology, we can capture the face of customers entering and leaving the store, identify the customer's identity, and provide customers with more active and efficient customer service. System networking architecture, system networking is mainly composed of three parts, namely, store front-end equipment, system management center server and software platform, and client. Main Equipment Introduction, Internet of Things information gateway-- It is the core host of intelligent alarm system and wireless remote control system, receives and transmits various alarm signals and control instructions, and can be directly connected to the back-end universal capability platform through 3G network, transmission of various detection and control command information data. Intelligent video analysis host-- It is the main equipment for video analysis and processing. Its main functions include passenger flow statistical analysis, face capture, low-code stream video compression, video surveillance and recording, etc. Universal capability platform-- It is a hub platform between front-end equipment and various application layer servers, third-party data servers and end users. It adopts cloud architecture, supports access to various types of devices, supports access to various application platforms and data services, strongly supports database architecture under the Internet of Things system, and supports compatibility with China Mobile WMMP protocol. Client-- Whether it is querying and browsing business analysis data, video surveillance data, or remote control operations, users can operate through PC hosts, smart phones, PAD and other devices. Adding the application of IT informatization to the conventional retail management system undoubtedly brings great convenience to the merchants, and can improve and improve the management level and management level. The visual Intelligent Network alarm store management solution of Freis technology provides services for the store from multiple angles, from the safety of the store, to the analysis and management of customers, to the standard operation, etc, it is proposed to supplement the shortcomings of the traditional ERP system, and can pay more attention to customers, analyze customers, understand customers and manage customers in a visual and intelligent way, to provide them with more effective and considerate services, to create a better sales environment and a better shopping experience, so as to improve the performance of the store, help each merchant to manage the retail business in a fully competitive market environment.
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