Established in 1999, FUYU door lock has gradually become one of the most famous door lock manufacturers in China because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.


Cohesion of heart, contest of strength - Fuyu Intelligent Lock celebrates the 70th anniversary of National Day by holding tug-of-war contest!


In order to welcome the 70th birthday of the motherland and enrich the amateur cultural life of workers, Fuyu Intelligent Lock Company organized a tug-of-war competition with the theme of "I work hard with the motherland" yesterday.

The competition is divided into 10 groups, namely Ledge Electronic Solutions Company, Marketing Center, Production Center, and Administrative Logistics Department.

With the whistle of "beep", the game began! The stadium was drowned in deafening cries in an instant. The players of both sides firmly grasped the rope in their hands, pulled the rope down, lowered the center of gravity, and pulled it back together. Collective efforts, the cooperation of all, in bursts of shouts and applause into infinite momentum.

After several rounds of fierce competition, the Ledge Electronic Solution Team won the championship, the administrative team won the third place, the production center and the marketing center side by side. This tug of war competition not only enhances the friendship between colleagues, enriches the cultural life of employees, but also shows the staff's unity and struggle, bravely striving for advanced style.

In the coming days, we will devote ourselves to our practical work with a strong physique, a spirit of unity and cooperation, and promote the fulfilment of the annual goals and tasks of Fuyu Intelligent Lock. Come on! Fuyu's brothers and sisters!

Game over? No, no, no, no surprise! After the end of the official competition, we welcomed the barbecue sessions that we liked. We all started to work together at the barbecue site and experienced the fun of "do it yourself". In the face of the rich food, everyone roasted in full swing and enjoyed themselves.


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