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Conjecture | What if 'new retail' can be used to sell electronic smart locks?

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-05
I often see people discussing how to do retail in various smart lock marketing groups. Among them, the most asked is how to do community push, followed by how to do channels. Even the details go to how to formulate a promotion plan and how to choose a venue. I suddenly thought of a question today, why has no one ever mentioned new retail? This concept has been very popular in the past two years. The well-known new retail is proposed by Jack Ma, and Lei Jun said: 'I proposed the concept of new retail earlier than Jack Ma.' Like the e-commerce revolution of the year, the retail industry was reconstructed. When investment is broken and exports are cut in half, consumption can be expected to boost the economy at this stage. Consumption is inseparable from consumers, and new retail is to reconstruct the relationship between offline merchants and consumers. New retail is not O2O, nor is it pure e-commerce, and certainly not pure physical retail. But new retail must rely on the entity. When the e-commerce traffic dividend disappears, the physical store has turned into a traffic depression. Make good use of physical stores, use Internet technology, tools, and ideas to empower physical stores, reconstruct the relationship between people, goods, and markets in the retail industry, and improve retail efficiency to be called new retail. In the context of new retail, 'shopping' and 'waiting for customers' mean waiting for death, and 'trading' and 'acquiring customers' have a future! The more products you just need, the less you need new retail. Even the old convenience store at the gate of the community can survive on the community itself and the passenger flow outside the store. Even small restaurants that don't even deliver takeaways can attract a large group of regular customers with their outstanding tastes. You can live well without any new retail. But the reality is quite the opposite. FMCG and fresh produce are the battlegrounds of new retail platform bigwigs. The reasons will be kept for the next time. Just-needed products do not require new retail to embrace new retail. As a dispensable product, our smart lock needs the blessing of new retail. For home decoration, there is no circumvention of any basic building materials in it, and only suitable specifications and materials can be selected from the brand. For example, whether the lamp is round or square, but it must be installed, and the ground is the floor or the floor tile, but the cement should not be exposed directly. And smart locks are different. Consumers first consider not using a smart lock with a swipe card or a smart lock with a password, or whether to use a smart lock or a mechanical lock, because many people may not know the concept of smart locks, so they consume What the reader considers most is actually what kind of mechanical lock to use. As such a category with extremely low attention, ignored by consumers every minute, and neglected to have no sense of existence in the decoration, smart locks are actually the most in need of new retail. Therefore, smart lock dealers integrate, build, and reconstruct the relationship between 'physical storesIt's an opportunity for the wind, but when the tide goes down, we know who is swimming naked. The dealer who is waiting for customers to come to his door with business thinking is swimming naked.
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