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Current situation and development analysis of intelligent door lock industry in internet of things era

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-27
In the era of internet of things, the concept of smart home and smart life has gradually entered people's lives. Smart door locks no longer stop at the basic functions of fingerprint unlocking and password unlocking, but serve as the entrance to smart families, let the family's lifestyle change from simple to simple, in addition to ensuring the safety of family and property, it also brings users a more comfortable smart home experience. Traditional lock manufacturers, emerging start-up companies, security giants, communications and home appliance manufacturers have set foot in one after another. The market of intelligent door lock is also promising, but the price of intelligent door lock still keeps many consumers away, so why is the price of intelligent door lock so high? What is its cost? Next, Xinhuang tide smart lock for everyone to analyze. What is a smart door lock? With the development of the era of science and technology, locks have also been updated many times. Intelligent locks refer to locks that are different from traditional mechanical locks and are more intelligent in terms of user identification, safety and management. Intelligent lock is the executive component of locking the door in the entrance guard system. At present, there are also mechanical locks, induction locks, combination locks, fingerprint locks and other door locks sold in the domestic market. The functional principles and technical applications of each product are different. Nowadays, in people's homes, in life, the most used is the ordinary mechanical lock. The intelligent door lock is the selling point advantage of various latest intelligent technologies, no need to bring the card with the key, and convenient for the elderly to use. 1. Use a variety of ways, you can open the door through a smart phone, a finger, or a smart watch. Can achieve remote control, outdoor can also open the door for family visitors 3. The door lock can actively communicate with the user according to its own state, such as door opening and closing frequency reminder, violent break reminder, etc. Low energy consumption, ordinary No. 5 battery can be used for more than one year. The '2018 white paper on China's smart lock consumption' released this year shows that although the demand for door locks is extremely strong, the current penetration rate in China is only about 5%, and mainly concentrated in the first and second tier cities, more than 20% of consumers have not heard of smart locks, 15. 5% of users are using or planning to replace smart locks. Although the intelligent door lock has entered the field of vision of consumers, it is still a new industry, and consumers' awareness of door locks is still weak. As far as the domestic smart door lock market is concerned, the B- end is the main market for shipment. In 2016, the shipment of smart door lock B side accounted for more than 80% of the total shipment. The substantial increase in sales of smart door locks in 2017 is also largely dependent on the large-scale procurement of B- end customers. The customers facing the B- end market are mainly brand apartments, hotels, real estate developers, etc. Real estate projects have always been an important shipping channel for high-grade door locks, as well as for emerging Intelligent door locks. However, with the popularity of the concept of smart door locks in the past two years, many consumers have also begun to understand this product. According to the survey, more than 85% of consumers have heard of smart locks and more than 70% of young consumers have expressed their willingness to try smart locks. With the arrival of the post-80 s and post-90 s marriage and childbearing tide, the consumption habit of installing smart locks in new houses will gradually become popular, and the smart lock market is also expected to usher in a spurt of development in the next few years.
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