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Electronic lock: Is the low-priced electronic smart lock terrible? -Media reports

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-01
The recent event that 360 launched a 999 low-priced lock' target='_blank'>smart lock product has recently been pushed to the forefront. It is also reported that during the Double Eleven period, the price of 360 smart lock single product will drop to 699, making everyone stunned. Many people in the industry expressed anxiety and confusion and confusion among smart lock agents. Some analyzed the reasons, some expressed complaints, and some gave open conclusions, but few gave the agents and distributors firm confidence. Why do you say that? Fuyu will express it from the following three aspects. First, consumption upgrades. In contemporary society where the national economic level has been significantly improved and the people’s quality of life has been significantly improved, consumers’ buying experience has long been no longer limited to product prices, even smart lock products that have not been emerging for long, with accelerated homogenization of functional design Even the appearance design, consumers will pay more attention to product quality, functional attributes and service experience. 1. Product quality: you get what you pay for. Users who have been baptized by many years of consumer experience should be able to draw this conclusion. No matter how a company promotes cost-effectiveness, low-priced products are often accompanied by quality risks, which are aimed at smart locks. In terms of single product, as a cross-field product, its quality is multifaceted, including core unlocking technology, electronic circuit technology, lock body, industrial design, overall material texture, and so on. Although the current manufacturing cost of a smart lock has indeed been reduced, how to ensure that the money is not degraded? Reasonable consumers should take this into consideration instead of pursuing low prices blindly. 2. Functional attributes: Of course, it refers to safety. As the first line of defense for family and family safety and property, are consumers willing to spend a low price to buy security, or are they willing to spend a little more with peace of mind? Perhaps, the smart lock companies blindly low-priced, focused on sales, but did not see the basic human nature. According to the data from iResearch in 'Smart Door Lock Consumption Insights and Development Opportunity Analysis84.2% of people consider safety. And low prices often bring distrust of security, especially in the context of current smart lock market prices tending to 1500~2500. 3. Service experience: There is a common saying for businessmen called 'the wool comes out on the sheep, 63.9% of consumers consider pre-sales/after-sales services when buying locks. Service is also one of the key factors that determine the development of brand owners. Even with the low price of additional installation services, the quilt has lost a lot of wool. A sheep that has taken off its wool has only its skin exposed to the sun. Although it has a woolen body, it does not have a woolen soul. The second major aspect, let us look back at the history and look back at the Internet brands that have continuously emerged in various industries in the past. Take the TV industry as an example. LeTV, Microwhale, Storm, Xiaomi, etc. all sell TVs and gather a group of fans based on their own characteristics, but the traditional home appliance manufacturers have not been impacted in the end. Instead, they have innovated a lot and promoted the diversification of the industry. . Now when I watch some Internet brand TVs, many of them are rarely heard by names. When an industry emerges, bigwigs from all sides want to get a share, some seriously holding a plate to drink, and some directly serving it. There are always so many 'spoilers'. But it is not surprising that there are a few special cases in the huge market. After all, the current smart lock market still belongs to the majority of people. Third, promote universal consumer education. It is said that the industry is in an explosive period, but sales are more inclined to engineering channels. Even if the consumer penetration rate has risen from 3% to 5%, there is still a lot of room for growth compared with foreign countries. Consumer education is urgently needed. Promoted by all parties. And low-cost smart locks, whether from a gimmick or other aspects, can attract consumers' attention and play a role in attracting traffic. But for the real purchase, consumers will still consider it comprehensively. It can be analogous to the sales method of smart lock distributors, who often adopt low prices to attract customers' attention, but eventually produce other locks. Therefore, through the above discussion, low-cost smart locks are not enough to be afraid of. The scary thing is not the low price, but some people only saw the price storm caused by the low price, but did not see the unfavorable results behind it.
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