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Engineering - hand lock manufacturer Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-01-31
Engineering of hand lock manufacturers, a hand lock is people life often come into contact with a kind of goods, is engaged in the project also requires a lot of hand lock, the hand lock where available, the agent? Dealer? A hardware store? Obviously is not appropriate, hold hand lock factory direct purchase directly from engineering. Because engineering orders, need to hold hand lock number is more, need to cost is higher, take the goods from the dealer, the price is high, the cost will be increased. Purchase directly from manufacturers and may leave out the middle cost, with less money and get a better hand lock.     Hold hand lock manufacturers, engineering project of the large number of hand lock need, offered directly from the manufacturer can save a lot of unnecessary spending. In the same way, because the project need quantity is big, so the claim to the manufacturer is also very high. First: the supply ability, whether in a certain period of time, provide enough hand lock, to meet the needs of the project. Again: the production of hand lock quality assurance. Three: if a hand lock case of damage, is there a complete after-sales service system. These are all in the choice engineering of hand lock manufacturers need to focus on the problem.     Looking for engineering of hand lock can see rich yu hardware manufacturer, factory direct supply source, price is unified, reasonable; The existing 21 full automatic production line, can produce a hand lock 600000, supply ability strong; Provide one-on-one housekeeper type service, product failure is damaged, contact customer service, quick after-sales service, provide 2 hours after close. In addition, the rich yu hardware has 21 years of hand lock industry production experience, has 337 cities across the country, service industry reputation is good.
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