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Engineering lock is what lock, lock details introduction - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-02-01
Engineering lock just as its name implies is refers to the use of locks, can be a hardcover room engineering, hospital, school, hotel engineering and so on. On the market of the common engineering mainly stainless steel door lock, the lock integral modelling concise, easy to mass production, long service life. Fu yu hardware below small make up make a detailed introduction on engineering lock for everyone.     1, the current situation of the development of lock engineering lock as the change of the real estate market is the market development and change, the overall market rule can refer to the real estate market data, as the country for the real estate market macroeconomic regulation and control, lead to real estate greatly reduce the project quantity, coupled with the rising of raw materials and artificial cost, lead to a lot of door lock manufacturers struggling, serious enterprise survival has become a top priority, this is also the challenge for the whole industry.     2, lock commonly used materials and design engineering common lock is given priority to with stainless steel, the overall modelling concise, style is consistent, manufacturers selling price between $30 to $50.     3, the difference between the lock and domestic outfit lock engineering there is obvious difference, domestic outfit lock and lock lock engineering more emphasis on quality and the strength of the manufacturer; And domestic outfit lock more focus on the pursuit of personalized and beautiful. In other words, the value engineering lock 'practicality', lock and home outfit, more elegant and beautiful, modelling. Fu yu hardware specializing in the production of locks for 21 years, long-term supply project, design is rich, large amount of price concessions, welcome consultation.
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