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Experts advise the public to change the lockset

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-07
Recently, the police cracked a theft of the key lock. Although the detection of the case has not yet fully explained that the safety of the one word lock is like a paper tiger, it has brought a warning to the citizens in Chengdu: the one-way lock is not very safe indeed. In the middle of December this year, Kunming police received a police call. A citizen surnamed Quan was stolen from his home. He was robbed of 20000 yuan worth of money and things. After receiving the security guard, the police arrived at the scene as soon as possible. After some investigation, they found that Chen, who had been burglarized in November this year, was very suspected. After more than a week's efforts, the police finally captured Chen in the afternoon of December 26, near a vegetable market. At the same time, in his residence, the police searched a series of unlocking tools. In front of a large amount of evidence, Chen confessed the facts of the crime. Since this year, 5 cases of burglaries have been committed in multiple places in the city. The target of Chen's crime choice is to install the door lock with a zigzag key, and steal the electronic products of gold and silver jewelry and cash. After committing the crime, Ni seldom brings the stolen goods back to the temporary residence, but sells them at will. A lot of money is spent in a few days. As long as there is no money, they commit crimes again and again, so repeatedly. Expert analysis: why the key is not safe. According to master Lin of a professional lock company. According to master Lin, there are various shapes of keys, such as the zigzag, cross shaped, single and double row curve keys, false crescent keys, etc., among which the zigzag key is the most widely used key, which is the most insecure lock cylinder. Of course, there is no safest lock, but choosing a safer lock is conducive to delaying the time of the thief's crime. If it can't be opened within 5 minutes, the thief will give up to a large extent, so as to avoid the loss to a large extent. Near the end of the year, it is the high incidence of theft cases. Residents must be careful not to give thieves a chance to spend the Spring Festival in peace of mind
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