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Explosive products in smart home: How far is the door lock from real 'intelligence?

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-01
Smart home is essentially defined as a system, which is a collection of home intelligent equipment interconnection. Smart door lock is one of the more important equipment. System intelligence is obviously the best intelligence, both for manufacturers and consumers, but the entry point and breakthrough point of the current industry can only be a few products in the system, as well as for manufacturers and consumers. At present, the entrance products of smart home are neither routers nor cameras, but smart door locks. Not long ago, at the CHINA IoT summit forum WULIAN new product launch conference and global cooperation conference, Nanjing IoT released a smart door lock WU-Lock Crown Plus. According to reports, WU- Lock Crown Plus integrates intelligent camera, intelligent cat's eye and intelligent doorbell, which can be described as a combination of multiple functions, further enhancing safety and convenience, and is different from traditional electronic locks and network locks. In fact, since 2017, smart door locks have been the hottest products besides smart speakers. On the one hand, more enterprises have deployed smart door locks. In addition to smart home manufacturers such as Nanjing IOT, there are also giants such as Haier, ZTE, Xiaomi, Philips and haikangweishi. On the other hand, in the promotion of the concept of smart home, more consumer awareness is awakened, and it is an inevitable trend to upgrade the more practical door lock to intelligence. Relevant survey statistics show that China's total shipments of smart door locks were 5 million in 2016 and at least doubled to 10 million in 2017. However, behind the popularity of smart door locks, there is another problem: the intelligence of smart door locks'The concept is generalized and essentially downgraded. Simply put, many so-called intelligent door locks on the market are not intelligent at all. At best, they are electronic locks that are a little more advanced than traditional mechanical locks. They can be said to be pseudo-intelligent'Door lock. At present, many smart door locks only play the edge ball of the concept of intelligence, with too much emphasis on unlocking methods, such as mobile phone unlocking, virtual password, more accurate fingerprint unlocking, etc. , deviating from the Smart Channel. In our opinion, the intelligent door lock should have some anthropomorphic functions. ' Zhu Lanzhou, head of Nanjing IoT Qingdao operation center, who was invited to attend the CHINA IoT summit forum, said at the forum. What are the functions of most intelligent door locks at present? Can be roughly summarized: 1, a variety of unlocking methods, unlike the previous fingerprint lock and password lock, an additional mobile phone unlock (Near Field Bluetooth and WiFi remote) In particular, the remote mobile phone is the first element to determine the smart door lock by many people; 2. Unlocking records, that is, records will be left for each unlocking, so as to facilitate tracing and inquiry, and to check whether the elderly and children go home or not according to their work and rest; 3, the alarm, mainly for violent destruction, generally local alarm and remote message reminder. Zhu Lanzhou also said that the function of the real intelligent door lock is different from that of some electronic locks seen in the market. In addition to various unlocking methods, it should also have networking and perception, in particular, functional modules such as video calls and even artificial intelligence. When a stranger stays in front of the house for more than the set time, the door lock will be captured and transmitted to our mobile phone to let us know the abnormal situation at the first time. ' With the introduction of Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technology, the door lock is expected to achieve further leapfrog development, and the electronic door lock will truly enter the era of intelligent door lock. Nanjing IOT's new smart door lock WU- Lock Crown Plus has redefined the intelligent door Lock and has made some innovations in appearance and function, which is expected to drive the intelligent door Lock industry forward. (CCTIME flying elephant Network)
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