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Guangdong huitailong's craftsman spirit: Do not forget the ingenuity, the pursuit of excellence

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-02
On April 16, the 2018 China Jianbo sunflower award smart lock delegation began an in-depth visit to Guangdong smart lock enterprises. The delegation was organized by Chen, secretary general of the China Association for the promotion of smart human settlements industry, the organizer of the sunflower Award, and the sunflower award' Co-organizer NetEase home, co-organizer Pacific security network, a little information, door lock World and sponsor smart lock installation service platform small screws. This visit and research are aimed at the Sunflower Award in 2018' The selection activities will be the first to have an in-depth understanding of the industry. On the afternoon of April 18, the Pacific security and China Construction Expo sunflower award smart lock selection delegation came to Guangdong huitailong Technology Co. , Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as huitailong') Mr. Xu Zhenzhong, general manager of the company, and other relevant responsible persons personally met and introduced the relevant situation of the company to the delegation. Guangdong huitailong Technology Co. , Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of intelligent living hardware products, integrating research and development, manufacturing and sales. Since its establishment in 1996, huitailong has been working hard for more than 20 years. With intelligent door lock and life hardware as the two core product systems, it provides users with intelligent life hardware system-wide solutions and pays attention to details, adhering to professionalism, it has won industry praise and heavy honors. In 2015, huitailong was listed as Guangdong Smart Home Hardware Engineering Technology Research Center'; On 2016, the State Intellectual Property Office granted huitailong national intellectual property advantage enterprise'Title; In 2017, it became Guangdong Intelligent door lock engineering technology research center'. . . . . . Behind the numerous honors is huitailong's pursuit of intelligent life hardware. The world's major events must be done in detail. Have a craftsman spirit' Huitailong has high requirements for details, pursues perfection and perfection, has a persistent insistence on quality, and has a firm pursuit of quality. Only in this way can huitailong become a model of the global intelligent life hardware industry. Li Zongsheng, the godfather of Chinese pop music, who sincerely serves users with ingenuity, said in 'to ingenuity' that all objects made by Seiko are the most precious and irreplaceable, with only one word'Ren'. People have feelings, beliefs and attitudes. Therefore, they are not taken for granted, that is, they should still do their best among various variables. ' Since its establishment, huitailong has been adhering to the spirit of high quality craftsmanship, ingenuity, sincere service to users, continuous subversion and innovation, and enjoys a high reputation in the industry and market. The service of the heart is visible. Today, huitailong has established thousands of specialty stores and marketing outlets around the world. It has a group of high-quality dealers. The products are gathered in the two major systems of intelligent hardware and life hardware. The products are nearly 3000 varieties, to provide consumers with system-wide intelligent life hardware solutions, one-stop supply and five-star service system, and to open a new era of living that advocates freedom, feels Technology and enjoys life, it is a strategic partner in the door industry, customization industry, commercial chain, home life, etc. , giving users a full sense of experience and convenience of shopping, and even high-quality products such as Titian series and Crown series, win the favor of high-end people in the market. Huitailong, which has created a century-old brand with innovative spirit and takes a century-old brand as its corporate vision, does not stop at pursuing high-quality products. Building a century-old brand requires not only classic products but also persistent innovative spirit. Craftsman spirit' Emphasizing persistence, persistence and concentration is by no means equal to following the old ways, including the innovation connotation of pursuing breakthrough and innovation. At this point, huitailong also did it. In the Internet era, huitailong has invested heavily in the formation of an international technology research and development team, launched the industry's top smart locks, and unswervingly expanded to the field of home intelligence. Relying on its strong research and development strength, huitailong has produced a series of high-quality intelligent products and tried new explorations, new paths and new models in intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet and informatization. The latest research and development of huitailong security cloud lock is the product of this new mode, which can realize data interaction, information feedback and real-time monitoring of door locks through mobile phone APP, become an important weapon for home security. Huitailong, gathering life wisdom energy! Hardware master, ingenuity!
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