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Guangdong - zinc alloy lock factory Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-12-26
Guangdong factory of zinc alloy lock, the zinc alloy lock is life often come into contact with, design and modelling are many, a large wooden door factory boss for lock, so, many manufacturers room door lock and door factory cooperation. Directly take looking for manufacturers of goods, quantity wholesale price, than many many channels on the market prices are low, and brand manufacturers to supply ability, and good after-sales service, these are their advantage.     Zinc alloy lock factory in guangdong, will choose to have actual strength of manufacturer, from the supply ability, after-sales service, quality measured three dimension door. Supply ability strong and the weak to some extent, shows the size of the factory, if it is a small manufacturer, the inside pages in finite time to come up with so many lock out; After-sales service illustrates the manufacturer to customer value, also illustrates the enterprise is responsible for, if there is no after-sale, suggest don't choose; Lock this quality is not stressed, bad quality, broke a few months, I don't believe people would choose.     Zinc alloy lock factory in guangdong, you can see the rich yu hardware, the existing 21 is automatic production line, 600000 month delivery room door lock, sufficient supply capacity; During the contract period, if the door malfunctioned, or damage to, can contact us directly, the client will register and record in a timely manner to solve for the customer. Fu yu hardware 21 years experience in production room door lock, power factory, project delivery ability.
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