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How to improve the security of smart homes


Almost all household appliances have a smart version to choose from, which can connect remote surveillance cameras to smart lights and refrigerators. However, the question is, are these smart devices safe? After all, your smart home may not be as safe as you think.

Risks brought by smart home technology

Smart home devices can store a lot of personal data, including home address, user's birthday, credentials, credit card information, and other financial data. This is what makes them a frequent target for hackers. The data they can extract from home devices can help hackers carry out phishing attacks and entice people to submit their personal or financial information on fake websites.


Password utilization is another common risk associated with the security of smart homes. A third party can easily master the weak password that controls the entire home system. However, the most serious security risk associated with smart home technology is physical intrusion. An experienced hacker can disable locked doors and alarms without tracking. This can cause serious security issues.


Improve the security of smart homes


Smart door locks are very convenient and can improve the comfort of your daily life. However, you should still maintain control over things and regularly check whether they have the best function. It is great to connect all household devices and electrical appliances to the Internet and remotely control them, but you should pay attention to their safety regularly.


Security breaches can occur in unsafe applications and devices, and you certainly dont want this to happen to you. Usually, smart home device developers will do their best to protect the safety of the products they sell by installing high-quality software, but as a consumer, you should strive to further protect your products.


The network security of connected devices should be the primary concern, ensuring that passwords are stored correctly and changed frequently. Complete control over who can access and connect to your home network. Your home Internet network should have strict security, so it can be protected from hackers and other malicious behaviors.


A good way is to create several different wireless Internet home networks, firewall them, and restrict connections to them. Use advanced security protocols and regularly check for leaks and problems. For household appliances and devices, please carefully check the device's setting permissions and ensure their security level strength. Perform updates and install necessary security software to protect your device from various types of vulnerabilities.


These are some basic safety tips that you should follow to further improve your smart home. However, many people ignore or completely forget them. It is great to have a smart home equipped with smart devices, but only if they are used correctly. Keep up to date with the latest information on how to protect your house, always be vigilant, and update it regularly. It is possible to avoid all possible safety issues in the future.



Choose smart devices carefully


If you are considering building a smart home system, be sure to consider security from the beginning. Choose your equipment carefully and stick to major brands known for their quality and useful safety features. Although these devices are relatively expensive, they are worth the extra security. Remember that even the best brands cannot always guarantee full protection, so you need to consider these tips.


Always change the default username


After setting up your smart home device, you will most likely be provided with a random default username. Most users will skip the setup process and don't mind binding the default username to their account. This makes their accounts more vulnerable to hackers and third parties. Users with default usernames are easy targets and are likely to face the risk of data leakage.


Strengthen the password


In addition to changing the default user name to unrecognized, you should also strengthen all passwords bound to the smart home system. The best way to handle a bunch of passwords is to use a password manager and store them all in a safe place. In addition to protecting password security and encryption, management tools will also help you create new codes to improve security.


Use two-factor authentication


The best smart home devices will have two-factor authentication, allowing you to set up a two-factor login process. Using 2FA is a general safety tip, and all devices (not only smart home devices) should follow this tip. By adding an extra layer of protection, you will make it impossible for hackers to break into your network and steal personal data. Keep in mind that not all devices will have 2FA enabled.


2FA, 2 Factor Authentication, two-factor authentication, is a secure password authentication method. Different from traditional password verification, because traditional password verification is composed of a set of static information, such as: characters, images, gestures, etc...


Avoid remote access to smart devices via public WiFi


Home appliances are so convenient because you can access them from anywhere in the world as long as you have WiFi. You may want to sit in a cafe or check security cameras while waiting for a flight at the airport.


However, accessing home devices from an unprotected network may expose your data to unnecessary risks. Once users connect to the open network, their data and IP addresses become visible and easy to use. If you want to know how to hide my IP address, the best way is to use a VPN to ensure extra security on the public network.


Always pay attention to safety


There are many forms and forms of cyber security threats, one of which is through smart home systems. Like any WiFi-connected device, smart security cameras, doorbells, or light switches can also be used as backdoors for hackers to access large amounts of personal information.


As long as you insist on using reputable brands and smart door lock companies, it should be easier to protect data and home security. Use two-factor authentication and better password management to avoid unnecessary damage. And, when accessing the smart security camera remotely, don't forget to connect to the VPN.

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