Established in 1999, FUYU door lock has gradually become one of the most famous door lock manufacturers in China because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.


How to judge whether your door can be replaced with a smart lock?


Whether out of the respect for the appearance of the door or the improvement of residential safety protection, the smart door lock has more and more popular in smart home and more and more families want to install it . From the current market situation, only a few new houses will be equipped with smart lock china for owners, or when decorating new houses, new owners directly purchase and install smart locks.

However, the most demand and the lowest operation cost of smart lock is replacing the old mechanical lock on old door. For this point, if you plan to change the smart door lock, please pay attention to two issues and purchase according to your budget.

1.Door material

The installation of intelligent door lock is destructive to the original door body. It is necessary to remove the original door lock according to the existing door body, and then cut part of the door body to achieve the installation and fixation of intelligent door lock. Therefore, the installation of intelligent door lock has certain requirements for the thickness and material of the door.

In general, the normal china smart door lock can be installed on the anti-theft door with thickness of 40 ~ 90 mm. If the anti-theft door is purchased earlier and the thickness of the door is lower than the normal value, some thin wooden doors, iron doors, glass doors, etc. are forced to install the intelligent lock, which is easy to cause the door body to break. It is necessary to explain and consult with the merchant and installation master in advance at the time of purchase, otherwise it may be found that it cannot be installed after purchase.

In addition, some door with high cost,  need to remove the door edge during installation and transformation, and can not be restored. So for this door,  installation of intelligent lock needs to be cautious.


2. Old lock type

The type of old mechanical lock may also limit the installation of smart door lock. For example, the side lock represented by ox head lock and external door lock cannot be replaced by intelligent door lock because it is installed outside the door body and cannot place the lock body or fix the handle of intelligent lock.

The door is locked with narrow door gap trigger latch and other components. The installation of intelligent lock may cause the door lock to fail to close. In addition, the lock body is special and the door structure is complex, so it is not suitable for refitting intelligent lock.

Knowing the above information, you can choose the appropriate smart locks for apartments for your door.

FUYU smart lock model 6615 with slide cover, is Patent Design

Unlock way:



IC card

Emergency key

With Anti door-viewer function

USB back-up power supply 

Lift up handle to lock and press down handle to unlock the door, very convenient.

The slide cover protects the OLED display and fingerprint sensor from dust.

The micro USB socket is at the very proper position , getting your lock with back-up power supply faster

You can turn on or off the Anti Door-viewer Opening function with the switch any time ,making the usage freer

The fingerprint sensor is made by the most advanced biometric technologies from Sweden responding speed ≤0.04 Seconds , exceeding all what you imagine about fast.

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