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If you want to unlock, you should choose the regular-FUYU-img

If you want to unlock, you should choose the regular

by:FUYU     2020-03-04
Now walking in the street, you can see the small advertisements of unlocking everywhere, even in the doorway of your own home, you can see that the unlocking personnel are very complex, this kind of behavior is actually wrong, here the convenience service center reminds you that you should choose the regular unlocking company to unlock if you want to unlock! Otherwise, there will be unsafe hidden dangers. I remember hearing from a friend not long ago that he once forgot to take the key and couldn't get into the house, so he dialed the unlocking phone on the small advertisement everywhere. When master kaosuo came, he opened the lock three times, five times and two times without asking anything. After master Kaisuo collected the fee and left, the more my friend thought about it, the more wrong it was. Master Kaisuo didn't even ask if I was the owner of the house, Did you open the door without checking your ID? After listening to the above, do you think it's reasonable? It's wrong to open the door without even asking. Master Huang lock technology service center reminds you: to unlock, you should choose the regular unlocking company
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