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Indoor door installation steps - in detail Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-11-09
Door lock has important role in our daily life, can not only guard against theft, can decorate a space, more commonly used there are many species door lock, door lock is different, different situations more common are: anti-theft door locks, indoor door lock, intelligent locks, combination lock and so on. Different kinds of door lock installation methods and using range are there is a difference, fu yu hardware small make up is home today common indoor door lock installation steps for everyone to do a detailed instructions.     Household interior door lock installation steps: & emsp;   Step 1: determine the direction of the door & emsp;   : left inside open face, the door hinge in a frame on the left side, and to push door & emsp;   Left open, face, the door hinge in a frame on the left, and outward sliding door & emsp;   Right inside: facing the door, hinge is installed in the door on the right side, and to push door & emsp;   Right away: face, the door hinge in a frame on the right side, and outward sliding door & emsp;   Where is summed up in a word, hinge is installed, which direction is, push door is inward, sliding door is outward.     Step 2: determine the opening height & emsp;   From the ground in general door lock installed in 1. The position of the 1 m or so, in other words the distance 80 - wooden door Around 90 cm. If it is home to replace the new locks skip step 2, and if have children in the home, the door installation height can be measured in accordance with the actual situation.     Step 3: install the lock body & emsp;   With professional tapping machine is in the good position opening, into the lock body, use the screwdriver the two screws on the guide plate.     Step 4: install lock & emsp;   Will lock into the lock body internal fixation.     Step 5: installing the handle & emsp;   Square rod inserted into the lock body inside the square hole, hold the door handle, with screws.     Possible problems and solutions: & emsp;   1, the wrong handle & emsp;   Solution: use a screwdriver will handle a fixed screw unscrew ( In a square hole in the handle) , removed, put his hand in accordance with the directions of adjustment, can be fixed again.     2, the direction of the lock tongue against & emsp;   Compre lock tongue, the lock tongue retraction to guide plate inside, can rotate 360 degrees to lock tongue, adjust the Angle of the need to solve.
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