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Indoor door lock hardware selection has exquisite

by:FUYU lock     2020-10-16
Indoor door lock hardware selection has exquisite lock hardware as one of common household items, also has its limitations, because most is the metal material, worry about a long time will appear the phenomenon of rust or oxidation, the worry is reasonable. In fact as long as is metal products can get rid of the fate of oxidation, are nothing more than the difference of the length. What material the lock body can extend this kind of situation? The following indoor door lock factory workers made detailed introduction.     1, indoor door lock choose what material is durable & emsp;   Our common lock materials mainly divided into four kinds: space aluminum, stainless steel, zinc alloy, pure copper. From oxidation and rust this single side, recommended to choose stainless steel door lock, the test of stainless steel material, even in a bad situation, can keep for a long time is not the ability of oxidation, not to mention the interior space. Coupled with the stainless steel material quantity is more, the overall price is relatively affordable, is the first choice for many ordinary families.     2, what kind of materials with a wide range of market & emsp;   Above mentioned indoor door lock is four kinds of common materials, each material has its pertinence. Zinc GeJinZhi is relatively soft, can make all kinds of texture and pattern on the metal surface, coupled with the popularity of electroplating process, the material also has the very good oxidation resistance. Space aluminum locks belong to the low price product, this product color is silver more, colour and lustre is relatively single, was loved by many young people.     3, what kind of material can make all sorts of modelling & emsp;   Zinc alloy and pure copper material door lock can be made into all kinds of shapes, different is pure copper cost is higher, more be made into style restoring ancient ways, in the place such as in high-end places or villa front door, can promote the cultural grade of the head of the household; Zinc alloy products is suitable for ordinary families, cost-effective, the obvious characteristics of this product is that it is more than style, beautiful appearance, are popular with young people.     4 what material, lock right & emsp;   Lock core is the core component of door lock, the use of common materials for stainless steel and pure copper, there is a part of people's need to pay attention to undesirable businessman will be to sell stainless steel lock as pure brass lock core, cheat consumer. Pure brass lock core door lock price is obviously higher than that of the stainless steel lock, pure copper can be recycled as precious metals processing and sales.     Indoor door lock hardware selection has exquisite interior door lock factory workers above the lock from inside the door lock on the surface of material to do the introduction, content is detailed. If you still have what not understand of place, can contact us. We will answer for you.
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