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Indoor door lock is how to choose better

by:FUYU lock     2020-10-09
Indoor door lock kitchen lock, how to choose a good home used toilet lock, lock the bedroom, study the lock and so on are referred to as the indoor door lock, a good interior door lock can protect the safety of home, improve taste, head of the household is important to choose a high quality indoor door locks, indoor door lock should be how to choose? For this problem, I believe many people are not clear, take a look at the indoor door lock factory workers is how to introduce it.     Indoor door how to choice: & emsp;   First: anti-theft function, no matter from what perspective, the core functions are anti-theft door locks, door locks, anti-theft lock attributes must be very good, now on the market of the lock core is mainly include ABC at three levels, indoor use lock is advised to choose a class B is ok, high cost performance.     Second: the quality of the door lock & emsp;   Judge a quality stand or fall of lock we can from the following several aspects of the comprehensive evaluation.     1, appearance & emsp;   Observe the surface of the lock body, whether there is a scratch, is smooth, electroplating processing ( After plating processing of door lock anti-corrosion ability is strong, and may have complex texture) 。     2, accessories & emsp;   A complete set of locks in addition to the lock body, should also include other accessories, such as: key, door stopper, hinge, handle, etc. , to see whether complete, the surface have any damage, and so on.     3, lock body used materials & emsp;   Now on the market of the common lock materials are: stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum space, pure copper, logs, etc. For average household to choose stainless steel and zinc alloy is more, these two locks with good metal features, price also accord with the capacity of most families.     4, see executive standard & emsp;   This step is a key ring, the domestic industry has a very strict standard for door lock, from GB standards rise now standard of QB, lock improved comprehensive performance, has also increased the production cost, of course, but there are still a lot of system lock factory or use the original standard of GB, doing this can save cost, choose the need to pay attention.     Indoor door how to choose is better for the problem above is believed to have made it very clear, the selection of indoor door lock is a very important thing, later can save yourself a lot of kung fu, need many more, screening.
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