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Indoor door lock should be how to choose

by:FUYU lock     2020-10-12
Indoor door lock hardware is one of the very common things in life, every door in the home, now as life level of ascension, the door also endowed with new request, the original everyone for requirement is anti-theft door locks, anti-theft. Now in addition to guard against theft, indoor door lock is more of a decorative role, how to choose a suitable indoor door lock? This is a very technical content of the work, take a look at the indoor door lock factory workers is how to introduce it.     Indoor door how to choice: & emsp;   1, when purchasing an indoor door, look for the outer packing in the manufacturer of the above, the door commonly there are two places of origin: guangdong and zhejiang. Besides producing area should also understand locks are accord with national standard, door lock is now on the implementation of standards GB standard, on the market sales in addition to the GB standard and QB, choice should be careful.     2, before buying door lock need to measure the size of the door frame his house, common on the market of hand lock and the size of the spherical door lock installation requires greater than 90 cm, is too narrow, may be unable to install.     3, if there are any locks are not flexible, or surface dirt, remember don't use a wet towel to wipe, doing so will reduce the service life of the door lock; Don't forget to lock drip into the oil, while oil can have the effect of lubrication, but the oil is not easy to volatilize, will stay inside the lock body, long-term accumulation can accumulate a lot of foreign body, affect the door lock is used.     4, need to know before buying door lock of some common sense, common door lock on the market at present basically has: stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum space and four kinds of pure copper. Including stainless steel, aluminum and zinc alloy space for ordinary families, pure copper door lock is suitable for high-grade club house or villa construction ( Pure copper door lock high prices) 。     If you want to know more things about the door, you can visit our official website: http://www. zide360. com
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