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by:FUYU lock     2021-02-16
Indoor door locks are indispensable to life hardware products, to protect personal privacy, decorate the indoor environment has played a very important role. Indoor door locks which is equipped with wooden door, the indoor door locks with good quality can bring more value to wooden door, promote sales, increase brand influence. Indoor door locks manufacturers on the market not less than several hundred, different manufacturers positioning, service customer attributes also there is a difference. How to cooperate with the appropriate manufacturer, this is a lot of wooden door factory are very concerned about the topic.     Indoor door locks manufacturers in terms of distribution area, guangdong and zhejiang occupied for the most part, these two places is also a major hardware distribution center. Choose cooperation manufacturers only see three aspects: product quality, price and after-sales service. Here small make up needing those who remind everybody is, avoid by all means to price and filter manufacturers, many clients in order to pursuit of low prices, want to find cheap locks, cooperation after a period of time, hassle, waste of energy.     Indoor door locks factory small make up recommend rich yu hardware, has been operating in the industry for 21 years, accumulated deep brand, has two production bases in zhejiang, guangdong, production line 15, indoor door locks output reached 600000 per month, with the couple, animal husbandry di, amber three major brands, wooden door factory, wood shop, engineering project to provide supporting services.
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