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Indoor door wouldn't open to do, how to dismantle the door

by:FUYU lock     2020-10-27
Indoor door lock has brought a lot of convenience to people's life, increase the indoor security, at the same time also have some trouble in our lives, some door lock is broken, locked people indoors and out, this is very troublesome thing. Encountered such a thing as we all know how to lock removed? Believes that many people are not clear, indoor door lock factory workers today about the locks to dismantle and you talk about those things, finished, you will know how to lock down.     One: if you have any tools side, such as a screwdriver or knife, you can use the tool to lock the screw on, down the counter-clockwise screw driver, slowly remove the screw down, lock body fixed screw removed later, can see fixed lock screw, lock core fixed screw down again, this time can will come out the lock core, and then open the handle, the tear down and then lock body, lock here is basically all unload down, the door is opened.     Around 2: if no tools, leaving in their brains flexible processing, multiple rotating door safety switch, or repeatedly turned the handle, one thousand opened the door lock? You can go out. Here only for example, the use of side can all can use the tool to deal with.     3: if the above said to the two methods are not suitable, oneself can't handle, then look for professional master lock door to door service. In addition to pay the corresponding cost, looking for master lock, said there were many constraints, if it is in the middle of the night, it can't find one. There are relatively far distance, can only wait.     Indoor door to remind everyone: if you were locked in the room, then must not try so hard, the need to be calm, actively look for ways to open the lock. In general indoor door lock anti-theft ability is bad, are relatively easy to be opened.
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