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Insert core of hand lock structure, core prices - hand lock Fu yu metal hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-03-05
As the saying goes, laba is years, really don't have a few days on the New Year, many are updated in the home, ready for the New Year, insert core of hand lock as a need to replace one of the objects, has brought to the attention of the many people, a good hand insert core lock can guarantee home for a good year, peace, from the structure, the insert core of hand lock by commonly: the lock body, lock, handle, keys, etc, is very simple. Today we'll insert core of hand lock and share with you the price, and will be affected by what factors.     About core of hand lock structure is simple, operation ability can change myself, can put the screw on both sides of the panel to dismantle, screw removed after can pluck out internal lock core, remember need hard, lest card is too bad. And then use a screwdriver to fix panel screws removed, a total of 2, after dismantling, can take down the panel, the final step, insert the plug of hands on either side of the lock screw down, basically is dismantled. Need to be replaced, you can lock down to the body to get the match model of a hardware store, thus eliminating the necessity of open hole again, and then install the new lock body can be fixed.     Common insert core of hand lock on the market prices are between 20 and 100, using a different material, the price also will be volatile, you need to pay attention to when buy where is origin, is there any industry certification mark, made of what material, etc. , is now inserted core of hand lock in the home is common, the price also is more transparent, the key is not expensive, spend a few dollars, you can use a few years time, is a very cost-effective.
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