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Intelligent anti-theft lock into a typical application of civil high-tech

by:FUYU lock     2020-07-04

Intelligent anti-theft lock is based on the high security, convenient identification and access control requirements and development of an intelligent lock products. Mainly for the public security, finance, intelligent building, intelligent household and other fields to provide a safe and convenient access control management, product realization 0 after a successful identification. 1 seconds to open the door quickly, safe and efficient. Intelligent anti-theft lock product because we have the hardware level of iris identification chip package, is different from the traditional iris recognition software solutions, it truly reflects the high-tech will put a typical application of civilian. Intelligent anti-theft lock intelligent anti-theft lock with a global full bow hair of iris identification chip hardware high safety of iris recognition Zui solution industry fast recognition speed identification precision is higher than industry standards at least an order of magnitude high speed high quality iris image acquisition high-speed accurate iris image quality evaluation of large user capacity of 10000 people, 80000 template simple and intuitive man-machine interaction, easy to use multiple devices based on Internet of things connected integrated access control system, miniaturization, simple installation can be used offline, networked management equipment management functions such as data entry, add iris. According to introducing, most locks used on the market is front-facing clutch structure, easy to unlock under ordinary violence damage, and then buy the clutch is installed on the gate guard, guard outside and the dual protection of the body at the door, can thoroughly solve the problem, safe and reliable. In addition, the mechanical and electrical separation structure is the core of the lock electronics components concentration within the black box, if the electronic lock appear problem, only need to replace the new black box, do not need the whole electronic lock, easily solve the problem of after-sales achieve 'zero after-sales', not only will not affect the customers to use, so that customers worry-free, but also not increase the cost of agent after sales.
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