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Intelligent anti-theft lock market competition: from quantitative change to qualitative change

by:FUYU lock     2020-07-02

Intelligent anti-theft lock it is predicted that the next five years, China's demand for high-end locks will exceed $10 billion. Lock enterprise, therefore, should be hard skills, and constantly develop new products, high technology content, high added value based on vigorously promoting the quality of products, increase brand awareness. Intelligent anti-theft lock in recent years, with the rapid development of housing industry and automobile industry, locks products continue to increase, the kinds of scale and technological content is increasing day by day. Products have been developed from is given priority to with the padlock to have 20 categories more than 100 series over 8000 varieties of designs and colors and sizes. Due to the significant cost performance advantages, our country's growing competitiveness in the international market the locks. According to customs statistics, in 2012 China locks products exported to 208 countries and regions, exports reached 52. 2. 9 billion dollars. Is a new round of competition from the quantitative to qualitative changes in recent years, the metal lock has developed rapidly in our country, made outstanding contribution to the development of national economy. There are statistics show that the metal lock industry in our country by 15% year on year growth steady development, the annual output has reached 180 billion yuan of above, exports amounted to more than $8 billion. Accounts for about 1/3 of the our country the whole light industry exports, the arrangement of light industry. Intelligent anti-theft lock lock industry of new product development in terms of product technology, and its products, are improved. Such as Shanghai santana series system was developed using lock factory lock, IC card electronic door locks, window of model steel door lock; Shanghai refinement lock factory developed the double tongue after open the safety door locks, electronic password spherical door lock, double door locks, lock, lock valve emergency channel; Hangzhou locks industrial company developed building combine the intercom security system; Jinhua city jinxin magcard locks co. , LTD developed type encrypted file locks, bicycle card; Yale - Solid force security products, Guangdong) Co. , LTD to develop the spherical function locks including balcony, courtyard lock, entrance locked, the lock, connected, emergency exit locked, storage, etc. , this is our country ZhiSuoYe nearly five years to develop new products. Intelligent anti-theft lock on the other hand, our country high-end hotels, hotels, etc.  Use a lock or rely on import, this aspect of our products there is no ability to compete. The output of more than 2. 1 billion lock like a 'bloated giant', the quantity system lock industry has reached the degree of qualitative change should occur, should develop to high-grade, high technical content of the lock, and part of the enterprise should from the low level of price war, to carry out a new round of technological competition. Digital fingerprint lock up technology board for locks the product itself, locks on the market in our country is mostly mechanical core lock and ball lock. The two lock production technology is simple, as long as the genuine materials, strictly control each production link, the general won't appear the quality problem. But the two lock not high-tech product, low technical content, upgrade is difficult. Therefore, domestic lock industry after nearly 20 years of development, is still not a breakthrough, product function is always located in practical, security anti-theft function. Companies can do best is to control the product quality, new appearance design. It is no exaggeration to say, low technical content cause plugging core and congenital deficiency of ball lock, lock locks intelligent anti-theft lock industry development board.
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