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Intelligent anti-theft lock must choose trustworthy brand

by:FUYU lock     2020-07-06

To choose reputable brand in the first place. The current intelligent anti-theft lock is very much, a few hundred dollars online intelligent lock is very much also, but the quality is good and bad are intermingled, one thousand to buy the poor quality of door lock, will threaten the safety of the family, so be sure to choose trustworthy brand. Secondly, it is recommended that the choice of technology mature way of recognition, don't cry because it is the pursuit of fashionable novel and chose the immature technology, such as face recognition, a remote control to open the door, at present are not special mature. Such as recently there is a star of the home due to using facial-recognition intelligent lock, the result was a man who looks very much like his brother burglary. Third, from the lock itself security considerations, the choice between domestic and imported intelligent lock, we suggest that choose domestic. Because more domestic locks under the security of kung fu, single from the point of lock, lock of some well-known domestic lock has more coarse than famous imported brand lock, way more clever. Fourth, intelligent anti-theft lock with a combination lock function normally, suggested that pay attention to the combination lock for prevent peeping function. Brands use security in different ways: such as combination lock button drops of sound, easy to be listening to recognize Numbers, so some brand adopted the silent button. Dinggu intelligent lock is taken 'phantom password input method', feel free to input number 30, one of which is connected to the password number can be correctly, some take the ten digits password down to four buttons, among the four password each time when they use reset sequence of Numbers, so that others will be hard to guess its PIN, also is not afraid of be others tripp or read to the whole process you lose the password. Fifth, intelligent anti-theft lock by batteries, so there must be a battery running out of time. Suggested that choose to have low battery warning, but external intelligent lock of temporary power supply. Finally, you can pay attention to the other additional features of this kind of lock, fingerprint classification management, digital password classification management, for example, to facilitate with family members, friends, set up different permissions and the management way, and query the lock record function, etc. These functions can bring you and your family not only more convenient, also can bring a lot of fun to family members. Such as family members or friends for a unique distribution eight password, and by applying the view to unlock records, who went to the house be clear at a glance. If the guests want to stay your home, can be assigned a temporary password for them, let them free access to within a specified time limit. Can also by setting the locks in the induction to the alarms when someone tries to invasion, scare off the street.
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