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Intelligent fingerprint lock will become a new entrance for civil security

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-31
In the process of civil security development, with the opening up of the smart home market, people's favor of smart home now makes its development flourishing, and various smart giants have entered the market one after another, the production of various intelligent products to lay out the industry market is booming in the field of civil security. As one of the most common entrances to smart home, fingerprint locks are widely used, not only in smart phones, but also in access control systems in some large areas, of course, the most reflected is in modern family life. People's safety awareness is gradually improving, and the security requirements for the living environment are also constantly changing, so fingerprint lock has gradually become a hot spot. With the development of society, the future may become indispensable in smart home. However, in the process of landing smart homes, a series of security problems have emerged, which are even more worrying. Even the so-called safest and most reliable fingerprint locks have problems, what other products can protect people's safety! Is the intelligent fingerprint lock really necessary? Fingerprint Lock, as a derivative of access control identification, relies on the development of biometric technology and has gradually emerged into more families abroad. For our domestic market, the popularity of fingerprint locks is far less than its reputation. However, for the security market, fingerprint locks have explosive market potential. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the high-end fingerprint lock market is gradually expanding and its development prospect cannot be ignored. Fingerprint Lock is the preferred product for the development of smart home industry today, and is leveraging a billion market behind the smart home and security industry. Smart fingerprint locks are so hot, is there really no security problem? With the rapid development of social economy, today's thief theft technology level'It is also constantly improving. It is understood that professional unlocking masters can open today's security doors in seconds. The security door is impossible to guard against the thief's patronage. The general fingerprint lock, as long as you enter the password or use your finger to open the door, is fashionable and fast. Therefore, people often change the locks in their homes into fingerprint locks for convenience. However, there are also some people who do not trust the safety factor of this fingerprint lock and ask whether the high price can reach the same safety factor. Is the fingerprint lock really safe? ' The main selling point of our ordinary fingerprint lock is that you can enter the door without the key, and there is no particularly rigid selling point, and you can't prevent the door, and you can't manage the window; It is not uncommon for the mechanical lock cylinder of fingerprint lock to be unlocked by technology, and even a tin foil unlocking has appeared'Means, tin foil unlock'Is a new type of unlocking' Means, you need to use a special tin foil tool to open the lock. It takes only a few seconds to open an anti-theft door lock in this way. What a frightening data, your fingerprint lock may be cracked in a few seconds. Many criminals will use this method to commit crimes, causing certain harm to life and property. Fingerprint Lock security is worrying, is it really useful?
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