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Intelligent lock factory didn't teach you bedroom door key how to open?

by:FUYU lock     2020-07-12

Intelligent lock factory didn't teach you bedroom door key how to open? Bedroom door no key how to decouple the lock tongue open method generally because of external forces cause the door to open it, maybe it's because the lock tongue inside the decoupling of the reason, may be misinterpreted the lock tongue shape, fixed lock tongue screws fell, and then lead to get stuck in the door, where he is, in also into not to, in this case, a good emergency response is to find the lock tongue, inside the door as the fall of the screw back position. Because this approach is limited to external resources lead to lock can't open the case. Locks eyewinker opened the way for door lock stuck inside the foreign body in the door wouldn't open please condition, the emergency treatment. General door lock stuck inside the foreign body, perhaps with a key finger, even in the difficult to turn on, this case will be ways to turn on the door. First determine the door is open in there still is open to the outside, assumption is in there, is in force, assumption is open to the outside, will push hard. With a knife, hard card needs a knife thrust at this time, and the kind of knife, sharp and thin blade as sharp as possible, leading to resist the gate from the outside the door, call center that can shorten the part and the lock shaft, don't lock shaft and slot come into contact with, reduce conflict, in gaps after a knife stab into the slot, resist the lock shaft, in the direction of the lock shaft and comfortable hard, perhaps once or twice to open it, try a few times more. Please professional locksmith assumes that the above methods are not achieved, then spend some money please professional locksmith unlock! Can best protect door from damage, it is better to please creditworthiness high professional locksmiths, for home security concerns, after all.
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