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Intelligent lock several popular intelligent classification

by:FUYU lock     2020-07-24

Intelligent lock several popular intelligent classification. 1, verbal intelligence ( Linguistic intelligence) Refers to the use of effective oral speech or and words to express their ideas and understand others, sensitive to master phonetics, semantics, syntax, words have deep thoughts, words, and appreciate the words connotation together talents and skilled talents. Their proper job is: political activists, host, lawyer and orator, editors, writers, journalists, teachers, etc. 2, mathematical logic intelligence ( 逻辑- - - - - - 数学智力) Refers to the effective calculation, measurement, reasoning, summary, classification, and mixed and disorderly mathematical operation ability. This intelligence includes the logical method and the contact, statements and claims, abstract concept of sensitivity function and other related. They are the right job: scientists, accountants, statisticians, engineers, computer software development, personnel, etc. 3, spatial intelligence ( 空间智能) Refers to an accurate perception of visual space and all things around, and can feel the image displayed in the form of pictures of talent. This intelligence includes colour, line, shape, way, space connection is very sensitive. They the right job is: interior designers, architects, artists, photographers, pilots, etc. 4, body movement intelligence ( 身体- - - 动觉智力) Is longer than the whole body are used to express thoughts and feelings, flexible use of hands or operating object. This intelligent contain special physical skills, such as balance, harmony, agility, strength, flexibility and speed, and can be caused by the sense of touch. They the right job is: athletes, artists, dancers, a surgeon, jeweler, mechanics, etc. 5, music intelligence ( 音乐智能) Refers to people's perception can be keenly tone, melody, rhythm, tone, etc. The intelligence of rhythm, tone, rhythm, or timbre of sensitivity is strong, are born with music talent, has high performance, creation and consider music talent. They are the right job: singer, composer, conductor, music critic, the violinist, etc. 6, interpersonal intelligence, 人际智能) Refers to a good understanding to others and working with people. This intelligence is longer than we find others mood, emotion, to experience the feeling of others feelings, distinguish different interpersonal contact cues and to make proper response to these Suggestions. They the right job is: politicians, diplomats, leader, psychological consultant, pr, marketing, etc. 7, self cognitive intelligence ( Intrapersonal intelligence) Refers to know myself and longer than self-knowledge and to make appropriate behavior accordingly. The intelligent can know their own strengths and weaknesses, to realize the connotation of his be fond of, emotion, intention, temper and conceit, like independent thinking ability. They the right job is: philosopher, statesman, thinker, psychologist, etc. 8, natural cognitive intelligence ( Naturalist intelligence) Is longer than the survey all kinds of things in nature, to debate and classification of the object. This intelligence has the intense curiosity and thirst for knowledge, has the keen, the survey to understand the nuances of all sorts of things. They the right job is: astronomers, biologists, geologists, archaeologists, environmental designers, etc.
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