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Intelligent lock structure is made up of what parts?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-15
Intelligent lock structure is made by electronic mainboard, mechanical core, such as fingerprint readers parts of cooperation between these components gives more intelligent smart door lock. So you know smart lock structure is made up of what parts? 1, the panel market intelligence lock panel materials used are: zinc alloy, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, plastic, etc. 2, lock body, lock body material is mainly stainless steel, but also has the iron. Lock body consists of standard routine lock body and two kinds of non-standard lock body. 3, PCB circuit boards is the core of the intelligent lock, intelligent lock circuit board is good or bad will affect performance. 4, motor power motor is intelligent lock of motor, power consumption is very small. When using a password or credit card, fingerprint lock, will hear the sound of the twist of the motor. 5, hand to hand with long handles and two round handle, can according to different needs to choose different intelligent lock handle. 6, decorative circle not all smart locks are equipped with decorative circle, a configuration decoration ring looks more atmosphere, but the cost would be a little higher. 7, display screen has a blue screen, and white light display, equipped with display of intelligent lock will be more intuitive easy to operation, but not all of the configuration screen. 8, intelligent keyboard lock keyboard is usually make use of the light reflection to determine the input, the keyboard light is mainly divided into two kinds of blue and white light. General white light reflection can better than blue, the input will be more sensitive. 9, fingerprints, fingerprint of intelligent lock head, mainly divided into two kinds, optical fingerprint and semiconductor fingerprint. In general, the semiconductor fingerprint head the price will be higher than the optical fingerprint head, but some recognition points more optical fingerprint head will be more expensive than cheap semiconductor fingerprint head. 10, is to determine a smart lock lock lock core price is one of the most important factor, because of the different levels of lock security level is different, use super C lock smart locks, mechanical lock to prevent the technology will be more secure. 11, battery slot is the mainstream of intelligent battery lock the battery slot section 4 and 8 batteries. 12, slide intelligent lock points with slide and without slide ( For straight) Two kinds, with a slide can effectively protect the intelligent operation of intelligent lock lock parts, such as a keyboard, a fingerprint head, display, this should choose according to the needs of different occasions. 13, locks the lock knob knob all household intelligent locks basic configuration. Intelligent lock structure is mainly to share these above, we need smart locks, you can contact us fuyu hardware.
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