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Intelligent lock: the golden age has been formed suddenly!

by:FUYU lock     2020-07-18

Intelligent lock: the golden age has been formed suddenly! According to incomplete statistics, in 2012, smart door locks only 3% of the market, since 2014, the market share increased substantially, until the end of 2017, has reached 20%. According to the Ministry of Public Security authority, the country every three minutes to have a family stolen, stolen cumulative loss of 1. 13 trillion yuan a year, 80% of the thief through the door into the room, with 85% of the stolen family is in a village with property, and 50% of the theft of no one at home during the day. However, is more terrible than theft burglary, killing malignant cases, etc. From this set of data, we can extract a few key points: 1, the door lock is the key to ensure the safety door; 2, high incidence of theft when no keeping telling is the key to the owner cannot grip on family anytime and anywhere; About 3, the owner cannot or control the situation to ensure the safety of the family. Then, intelligent lock can solve these pain points? The answer is yes. Intelligent lock, it does this by binding mobile phone number, in the violent destruction or picking locks automatically send SMS and call the owner, in the binding mobile phone number, not intermittent call, in turn until the cell phone alarm. It also will automatically issue a warning that a high decibel scared away the thief. Owners can know family first, in this way, it is not afraid of no one family at home. Such a smart door locks, lost the 'keys'? Traditional door lock is only one choice, is in a timely manner in the lock. And intelligent lock is just on the lock by setting the number will be deleted fingerprints or password. From these functions can be concluded that the core of the intelligent lock selling point precisely is not intelligent, but based on the intelligent safety requirements. Closer to allow users to connect to the family, to achieve control of home security. When the user to meet these requirements, intelligent lock is not sorrow no market, and innovative business model based on intelligent lock is a problem concerned by the Internet giants. Similar because there is no key to open the door to into the house, there are many but for research and development and application of the intelligent lock, all these problems have been solved. As long as the user like and continue to use these services, then for the Internet giant has infinite space of the business, to the user, the future of smart home life also has a strong appeal. I'm afraid the only concern is that the Internet companies can ensure the security of user data. Now consumers desire for the intelligent household life significantly outweigh the concerns, a professional survey data show that more than 70% of the users want to in the next three to five years to mobile phones instead of a traditional way to open the door with a latchkey. The data for intelligent lock such intelligent household products, is clearly a good news. From the Internet to the mobile Internet, and Internet era of Internet of things, the value of big data and cloud services has also been gradually obvious, which is why the BAT in the cause of the cloud market compete at the same time. The user is not only users of smart home products, but also family data and Internet content producers. As long as the user to accept the new products, so the market due to their beyond measure. Smart home is indeed the next billions of market, it is not only the Internet giant's huge opportunity, also is the golden age of smart lock manufacturers. Believe choose smart lock, will bring infinite business opportunities to more people and industry. And the eight leagues, will tighten the pace in this opportunity, steadily forward, to bring you more rest assured!
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