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Interior door manufacturer to teach you the door how to choose

by:FUYU lock     2020-11-02
Now people's living standards have been greatly improved, we also put forward higher request to the quality of life, how to create a comfortable living environment concerned by many people, is an important part of interior door lock, door lock now in addition to security, is more of a decorative performance, to see whether and at home. Believes that many people are still not sure about the how to choose and buy, let's take a look of indoor door lock factory staff to lock said those options.     The door of choose and buy look at these: & emsp;   1, lock core & emsp;   Quality directly determines the door lock anti-theft lock core ability, at the time of selected must be multiple comparison, choose quality good lock, normally, the less lock door lock is easy to open, so how do you determine the keyhole when buy locks number? , in fact, the number of keyhole number is directly contacted with the and keys, the more key teeth, door lock quality is better also, at the time of purchase to select lock tongue as much as possible.     2, locks look & emsp;   Because locks mainly used in indoor, so, more emphasis on adornment effect, appearance is beautiful or not will directly influence on the indoor whole collocation. We should pay attention to when buy lock body surface scratches, surface texture is exquisite, is there any defects, etc. In order to match the interior style, door lock is also developing in addition to a variety of styles, such as: Chinese style, European style, American style, modern style, and so on.     3, function & emsp;   When purchasing an indoor door lock can be inserted the key in the keyhole, turning the key many times, try to open the lock is sensitive, the lock tongue and insurance can pop up smoothly; Whether turned the handle and try to touch the comfortable, rotation is flexible, etc.     4, packaging & emsp;   Door lock and the choose and buy other items, as indicated by various parameters on the outer packing, such as: product name, origin, date of production, is in line with the national standards, the use of materials, instruction manual, product certification and so on. These content in to buy locks are need to check carefully.     Door lock option in addition to basic knowledge, more users need to try myself, only the various contrast, to find the most appropriate own door lock.
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