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Internet smart lock brand Guojia joins hands with elephant apartment to create boutique smart apartment

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-06
Recently, the Internet smart door lock brand Guojia has reached a partnership with elephant apartment to provide Internet smart door lock solutions for elephant apartment, help elephant apartments and residents to realize safer and more convenient management and living methods. Internet smart door lock brand Guoga joins hands with elephant apartment to create temperature' The smart apartment Internet smart lock, open smart apartment life elephant apartment was established in August 2015, has been committed to building a one-stop eco-service circle with apartments as the core, and adhering to the struggle to make you live better' The service concept provides long-term independent living solutions for urban white-collar workers and social elites. Elephant apartment constantly upgrades its products and services, focusing on smart home to improve the quality of life of young people, with safety, comfort, health, convenience and fashion as its main concepts, provide innovative lifestyle for residents. Elephant apartment provides tenants with not only a place to live, but also a human, safe and secure home. Internet smart lock brand to make living safer and more convenient' For the mission of the enterprise, I hope to pass a temperature' The Internet smart lock enables users to experience the convenience and security brought by intelligent life. The same concept of fruit plus and elephant hit it off, by fruit plus for elephant apartment to provide Bluetooth version of the Internet smart door lock solution, fully meet the elephant's product upgrade, daily management needs. Focus on users, only for a temperature' Since the creation of the Internet smart lock category, it has been a company that focuses on user needs and innovations, whether it is product hardware material selection and production, or system software update iteration, they are at the forefront of the industry. When the WiFi version of the Internet smart lock was recognized by the market, Guojia also found that some apartment owners had unstable networks, which affected the realization of the door lock function. The fruit plus launches the Bluetooth version of the Internet smart door lock, which can realize remote management without broadband. The time-sensitive encryption password and permission are generated through the fruit plus cloud, and the customer can unlock the lock with one click through the mobile phone, or through the password to facilitate the check-in, the liberation of housing managers time. At the same time, the remote permission decentralization of the door lock, password issuance and other function settings will help apartment owners such as elephants to efficiently manage apartment rooms. This time, Guojia provides mobile terminal implantation service for elephant apartment. After authorization, residents can realize Bluetooth inductive door opening, one-button door opening and other functions through elephant apartment APP, fully enjoy the living convenience provided by Guoga and elephant apartment. In the new blue sea market, the Internet smart lock is in the limelight. The national policy incentives and the market demand are pushing forward, and the long and short rent apartment market has become the new blue sea', The future 3-Five years will usher in rapid and standardized development. At present, the long-term and short-term rental apartment market shows the development trend of smart apartments, that is, the combination of long-term and short-term rental apartments with smart homes, IT systems and the Internet of Things, which is also a long-term development direction. After years of accumulation in the B- end market, Guojia has not only become an indispensable powerful booster for the sharing economy, but also has established a service owner platform from delivery to service providers, installation to evaluation feedback. Guojia has also won the trust of many brand enterprises such as TOP medium and long-term rent, sub-rent and short rent in China by virtue of its excellent product strength and the realization of all PMS platforms. With the high quality and applicability of the products, Guojia is far ahead of the domestic commercial market share, and the TOP enterprises in the industries such as freely, piggy, Ctrip, Greenland and Vanke have all reached strategic partnership with Guojia. In the future, Guojia will continue to work hard in this field to create hardware cloud and intelligent access products based on Internet intelligent locks to provide better and more convenient services for apartment managers, provide better check-in experience for high-quality users. Now Guojia is recruiting business agency partners for the whole country. For details, please consult the official website of Guojia.
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