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Internet smart lock fruit and help the guest apartment to create a new era of accommodation

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-06
Recently, the Internet smart door lock brand Guojia has reached a partnership with Benke apartment. Guojia will provide an Internet smart door lock solution for Benke apartment, help customers and residents to achieve safer and more convenient management and living. Guoga helps Benke apartment to build new accommodation era Benke apartment is a fashionable apartment specially designed for urban white-collar workers, dedicated to solving housing problems for young talents and providing a low-cost, high-quality livable environment. In order to facilitate the daily life of the tenant, the premise of retaining the password opening function is added, and the door card is opened for the customer'Function. The guest stored-value card can be bound in one second as long as it is placed in the keyboard area of the fruit door lock' It will be compatible with the switch control of the outer door of the apartment and the inner door of the room. At the same time, it can retain the storage value, consumption and other functions, so that the tenant can get a card in hand, laundry, shopping, and opening the door. At the same time, the remote permission decentralization of the door lock, password issuance and other function settings will help the customer to efficiently manage the apartment room, and realize real-time online viewing of the property through the LM system. As a domestic technology company that started earlier and focused on Internet smart locks, it will make living safer and more convenient' As the mission of the enterprise, with the high technology and applicability of the products, it is widely used in centralized/decentralized apartment operators, long/short rental houses, rental and sales platform operators, hotels and family households, and through its own continuous innovation, accelerate the development and transformation of business travel accommodation and smart home.
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