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Inventory the three ways to place the fingerprint head of the fingerprint lock, which one do you pick?

by:FUYU lock     2021-08-31
As an entry product for smart home application scenarios, smart locks have become the trend of development. Due to the uniqueness, measurability, automatic identification and verification of human biometrics, and life-long changes, biometrics technology is applied to the field of smart locks, using biometrics to identify identity, which is safe, reliable and accurate. In the field of smart locks, biometric technology includes fingerprint recognition, face recognition, pupil recognition, voice recognition, iris recognition, etc. Among them, fingerprint recognition is the starting point of biometrics, and it is also the simplest, most practical, and most mature recognition method. For fingerprint locks, the different positions of the fingerprint heads lead to differences in their usage, which caters to the door opening habits and preferences of different users. Today, Fuyu will analyze the three types of smart lock fingerprint head placement. 1. The fingerprint head is independently exposed to the panel. In the early stage of the development of smart locks, this type of smart lock is relatively common. At first, fingerprint recognition was a sales gimmick of smart locks, so it is more intuitive to place the fingerprint head on a visible panel, which is more conducive to promoting customer consumption. For many users, the improvement of user experience lies in the convenience of operation. Compared with a smart lock with a fingerprint head protective cover, users can omit the action of opening the cover. Therefore, this type of fingerprint lock is still the choice of many consumers. 2. The fingerprint head has a protective device. Some customers have concerns about whether the fingerprint head is easily damaged. Therefore, smart lock manufacturers add a protective device to the fingerprint head to dispel customer concerns. One method is to add a separate protective cover on the fingerprint head, and some fingerprint locks use a sliding cover design, which hides the panel and fingerprint head under the sliding cover at the same time, which increases the integrity and aesthetics of the fingerprint lock while protecting both . 3. The fingerprint head is placed on the door handle. The first two ways of placing the fingerprint head require the user to open the door in two steps. First, perform fingerprint recognition, and in the second step, open the door by pushing or pulling or rotating the handle. Placing the fingerprint head on the door handle further simplifies the door opening action, and is the most convenient way to place the fingerprint head in the smart lock. Different fingerprint head placement methods are considered by smart lock manufacturers based on user habits. User experience is one of the important indicators of fingerprint lock enterprise Ru0026D and design. In the future Ru0026D and production, Fuyu smart fingerprint lock will also continue to optimize the way users open the door.
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