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Is it safe and convenient to fight against intelligent door locks?

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-03
Simple and convenient often means that it is not safe enough, and how does the intelligent door lock interpret the contradiction between simplicity and safety? Let's take a look at the following smart door lock to see if it can solve this problem. . . . . . There is no physical button, it is a cylinder embedded in the security door. This is why Goji is not afraid to lock, because there is no way to start. For the owner of the residence or a specific visitor, Goji's LED screen will display the name of the visitor and the door lock status (On/off), Time and other information. The unlocking method is very simple: just take the mobile phone and draw it in front of the door lock. This process is through Bluetooth lowenergy ( Bluetooth low power technology, also known as Bluetooth Smart) Implemented, using bank-level encryption to prevent being deciphered. Next, the smart lock Introduces Goji's coolest and most valuable usage: sending electronic keys to visitors. This intelligent solution solves a very realistic problem: when someone who is expected to visit, there is no need to hide the key in the flowerpot or leave it to the neighbor, send the electronic key directly to the other party for authorization'It can enter. This plan is very suitable for short tenants on Airbnb. Smart lock if you think that every time you go in and out of the house, you have to take out your mobile phone from your bag to sweep the time' Goji has provided you with a lazy person'Intelligent solution: automatic door opening. According to your mobile phone location, Goji can judge whether you are at home or outdoors. In this way, when you enter or stay away from Goji, it can automatically switch the door lock according to your orientation. You don't even have to reach out for your cell phone. In addition, you may worry: What if the phone is accidentally placed indoors and I just go out and pick up a courier? Or, what if my cell phone is dead? For this scenario, Goji has no smart solution. You only have to borrow a mobile phone and call Goji's customer service, and let it open the door remotely. Goji's customer service center operates 7*24 hours a day. Even if there is a hardware failure in the door lock, they can dispatch engineers from nearby to help you repair it in the shortest possible time.
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