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Is the electronic lock safe? How much is the price of an electronic lock?

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-02
Is the electronic lock safe? I believe everyone will ask this question when choosing an electronic lock. Although it is said that it is used very much now, can it really guarantee our safety? It is indeed worth thinking about. Then let's follow Fuyu editor-let's take a look at the introduction of electronic locks, maybe you will know the answer after reading it.  1. Is the electronic lock safe?   1. Presumably, many people will ask this question when buying an electronic door lock. The password device technology used in electronic locks is different from traditional door locks, which require a key to open the door, while electronic door locks only require you to remember the password. Therefore, in terms of the security of electronic door locks, the safety factor The degree is very high, and this kind of electronic door lock device can be seen in modern homes. In addition, this kind of security is not only reflected in the password, but also the circuit control and chip used by the electronic door lock. 2. The unique advantage of the electronic door lock comes from its own intelligence. Now with the development of science and technology, most intelligent products are often used to create life, such as the electronic door locks that Xiaobian talks about today. The ultra-high intelligence of electronic door locks has brought convenience to our lives and increased the electronic knowledge brought to us in the new technological era. Not only that, in terms of installation, the electronic door lock device is also very simple, and the method of changing the password is also very simple. It is such a simple electronic door lock that brings uncomplicated convenience to our lives.   2. What is the price of the electronic lock?    General electronic locks are about tens of dollars in price. As the anti-theft upgrades, the price may also change. The specific needs to see where we use electronic locks.  3. Electronic lock classification:    (1) The similarities and differences of electronic locks according to the unlocking method:   1. Card-key electronic lock: It is characterized by the use of a card key to unlock the lock. The card key is an organic component of the control circuit. Cards used as keys are diverse in terms of their nature, such as magnetic cards and punch cards. Usually, the control circuit is designed to not consume power normally.  2. Electronic key type electronic lock: It is characterized by the use of an electronic key to open the plating. The electronic key is an important part of the control circuit. The electronic key is composed of a unit circuit built by components and made into a small handheld unit type. The communication between the electronic key and the main control unit can be sound, light, electricity and other methods.  3. Push-control electronic lock: It is simple and convenient to use the button (Rong) to unlock. This is a commonly used method for unlocking electronic locks.  4. Dial type electronic lock: It is characterized by the use of dial method to unlock, and many button type electronic locks can be transformed into dial type electronic locks.  5. Touch-type electronic lock: The contact method is used to unlock the lock, which is convenient to operate. Compared with the key switch, the contact switch has a long service life and low cost.   (2) According to the similarities and differences of the used components    1. Relay type electronic lock: select the contact linkage of the relay. The electronic lock cooperates with the series and parallel combination of various switches for coding control.  2. Thyristor electronic lock: select series and parallel thyristors for coding.  3. Single knot tube delayed electronic lock: The single knot tube is used as the unlocking delayer, which increases the security function of the electronic lock.  4. Electronic code switch: Use the imitation integrated switch block to cooperate with the combination switch for coding control.  5. Circuit-type electronic lock: Connect the 555 time base circuit as a trigger and other methods, and cooperate with the combination switch for coding control. Special security integrated circuit type electronic lock. As the center of the electronic lock control circuit, the dedicated security lock integrated circuit has a high degree of integration, a strong function, few external components, and a convenient and reliable device. Currently, integrated circuits are selected in all.
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