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Is the security door safe? What does it have to do with?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-07
The quality level of the security door in Hainan decides, doesn't it? Better locks, safer locks? Lock anti-theft door has both anti-theft and security performance, so it is widely used in the modern construction industry as the entrance door. Because of the different levels of anti-theft doors, and the use of materials is more and more diversified, and from the door and window market choose the door to protect high-quality products anti-theft clutter how shallow the consumer? Suzhou lock in this small series of weapons give you some tips, hoping to help most consumers choose. 1. The attention level anti-theft door is generally divided into four levels, i.e. level a, B, C and D, of which level a security level is the highest and level D is the lowest. We can see that the building materials market is mostly level D anti-theft door, which is suitable for home decoration. 2. It should be noted that the thickness of the qualified anti-theft safety door frame plate should be greater than 2mm, and the total thickness of the door body is 20mm, generally more than 40kg. The dissolution of the cat, the doorbell box or lock handle can be seen that the thickness of the steel plate door body should be more than 1, multiple steel bars and the front and rear door plates are organically connected together, in the best asbestos fire door, heat insulation and sound insulation material filler, knock the door 'Bang' by hand. 3. The quality of anti-theft door is the quality and safety of the door. The quality of the door lock directly affects its anti-theft performance. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the qualified special anti-theft lock is used and checked by the public security department when purchasing. Locking shall be protected by 3.0mm thick steel plate. 4. Pay attention to the enterprise service and install the inspection key, insurance policy, invoice and after-sales service sheet of the anti-theft door. The components and materials are the same as those provided by the anti-theft door manufacturer.
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