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Is there a safety inspection certification mute lock?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-12
Mute lock products manufacturers must meet the security and stability of performance contrast tests can be put into use, because mute lock skill is very high, even if it is a part of the quality do not good, will affect the overall function of mute lock, so how do we identify a mute lock if there are safety inspection certification? 1. We are going to have a look at: is printed on the product have the CE safety certification, it is a symbol of national security product standards, it is very good comment on product safety, is a product of other manufacturers can't imitate security tags, once someone is imitating the consequences will be very serious, so many people health is good must be careful to consider. 2. Mute lock as a sign of trustworthy, if good brand customers also pay attention to right now, so there are high quality brand of mute lock is worth buying. Mute lock is the need for safety inspection certification, all of us on mute lock safety inspection, should be in strict accordance with the requirements for operation.
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