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Kabbah (AB)Hidden Danger of lock

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-21
At present, the security door bar locks commonly used in the market account for the vast majority, and I don't know the Kabak locks (AB lock) In fact, there are potential safety hazards. Lock A is used by the decorator and lock B is used by the owner. Generally, lock A cannot be used after the house is repaired by the decoration tooling, however, there is not much difference between lock A and lock B used by the owner. The first marble of lock A is the lowest. The reason why lock B can disable lock A is that the first marble is fixed and cannot be used. However, it is the difference between this marble. People with ulterior motives can match the same key. Therefore, the owner had better ask the decorator to ask for the key or change the lock, and change the lock to find a lock with a larger key gradient, which is more difficult to unlock.
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